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Heat wave

June 19th, 2024 at 08:52 pm

Looks like most of the eastern half of the country is in the same boat. It was 99 when I got in my car mid-afternoon to go to the gym, wondering if I was crazy for wanting to stick to my schedule. Happy to report, they had the AC on (low), so I was able to complete my usual routine: about a half-hour on the machines and a half-hour on the treadmill.

My garage door opener started acting up recently and I had someone out here to fix it. He recommended a few more fixes to lengthen its lifespan, and he was supposed to return today, but was running very late due to the extreme heat, so we rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

Aside from my gym outing, I've been hunkering down indoors with the AC on at 76, which is really the warmest setting I can tolerate upstairs; downstairs, it feels comfortable. The shades are drawn on all the windows except the north side, and when I do leave the house, I've been exiting thru the basement and out through the garage to avoid letting a whole lot of hot air in through the front door.

I had also done some grocery shopping a day before the heat wave got going on Tuesday, so I am mostly all set with food. Soon, I'll have to go outside again to water my vegetable garden and potted plants. I hope they are not fried. I water them daily but the raised beds dry out very quickly. I'll also put out a second water bath for the birds and refill the feeder, which is hanging from a mulberry tree that's attracting lots of avian interest now that its berries are ripening.

So far, my veggie garden is pretty modest compared to previous years. I had been having a great "Yugoslavian Red Lettuce" harvest leading up to the heat wave, and then I began picking more assuming the heat would cause them to bolt. I have 2 cucumber plants and 2 yellow squash, but I planted them from seed in the wrong medium and so half of them are pretty anemic looking; the fertilizer I added later has helped. I also have 3 cherry tomato plants which are doing pretty well, and string beans only recently germinated. I was trying to avoid the overcrowding I usually have in the raised beds to the extent that I had trouble walking around in there. I hope I have some decent harvests nonetheless.

I took my father to his first physical therapy session. He's been there before (was it last year?) but more recently wrenched his lower back and was experiencing a lot of pain. Much of his problem stems from his very sedentary lifestyle, but he's getting on in years so I don't know how much you can reasonably expect someone like him to do. But he at least needs to do the exercises he does in therapy at home, when he's not there, and that's been an uphill battle. On top of that he only wants to go once a week, so I really don't know what progress we can make. Medicare approved it in an open-ended way, with no fixed number of visits, as long as both he and the trainer feel he's making progress.

Right now he's got a $15 co-pay for each session. He told me he wants to go to physical therapy once a week for the rest of his life, and is willing to pay out of pocket for it. So once he exhausts whatever number of sessions Mediare is willing to pay for, hopefully the PT place will allow him to continue on a pay as you go basis.



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  1. Dido Says:

    Heat wave still here--it was 99 and still is there. "Real Feel" 108 and "Real Feel Shade High" 104. We might get a thunderstorm early evening, and I am now kind of hoping for it--not only to break the heat but because I had my scupper repair done on Thursday, I want to test it out and make sure that the leaking is gone. At least according to my Accuweather app, you're a little bit cooler than that now.

    One the one hand, it's great that your dad wants to go to PT for the rest of his life and is willing to pay, but on the other, it's too bad that he only is willing to go weekly.

    There are online PT apps you can use at home. The last time I had an injury, I used an app called OneStep that was pretty good--started out with an assessment and talking live with a PT, then following a program of video-demonstrated exercises. I think it's $35 a month, but you have to be willing to DO the work. That's why I ended up joining the gym again--I have equipment at home, but also too many other things I'd rather be doing. When I go to the gym, I go in, do the workout, and go home, and I actually get the work done as long as I get myself to the gym (6 minutes away, so a small barrier but not a big one).

    I hope your garden ends up being more productive than it sounds like you are expecting it to be this year!

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