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This and that

October 7th, 2018 at 10:33 am

Haworthia coarctata, the latest Haworthia in my collection

I went to get my car's oil changed last week; I was sitting and sitting and waiting and waiting. Finally, at the 2 hour mark, I walked up the counter and asked them what was going on. Turns out they put the paperwork for my car in someone else's car, and they hadn't even started my oil change. Another 45 minutes later, I was finally out of there, and they paid for the oil change to make up for the inconvenience.

Not sure what got into to me today, but when I was folding laundry, I finally decided I'd had it with my overstuffed linen closet. I mean, it is just stuffed.

I sorted everything out, matching flat sheets to fitted sheets, and counted 6 sets of flannel sheets and 3 sets of cotton sheets. I don't need so many, but it's hard for me to get rid of items that are perfectly usable "eventually." Some of these I acquired 3 years ago when my mother passed.

I did put aside for donating the following items:
* a set of flannel sheets in a pink color I didn't like
* 3 or 4 mismatched pillow cases
* a few sheets where I had just the flat sheet but not the fitted sheet
* a very bulky duvet cover that took up a lot of room (I still have 2 other duvet covers)
* a curtain

Sigh. This filled up 3 garbage bags full of stuff for Good Will (which includes some clothing items, too), though the closet is still quite full. Just not as full as before. At least now I can find stuff in there.

Now that it's getting cooler outside, all of my cacti/succulents are inside, and probably 80% of them are residing in my upstairs bathroom, because that's the sunniest room in the house, with both south and west-facing windows. I also bought a floor lamp with 3 flexible light fixtures you can turn in various directions, and I've ordered 3 plant light LED bulbs for use in them. The bulbs, purchased from Amazon, are being shipped direct from China, so it's a 3-week wait.

I'm also really liking these acrylic window plant shelves I bought and will likely get more:

These are over the kitchen sink, and I already have 3 more in the upstairs bathroom for maximum sun exposure.

The person I job-share with has various reasons to be out of office this coming week, so I've agreed to work all this week full time. The only good thing about it is that I will then have the entire following week off, as he wants to make up for the lost time. I'll be glad to get back to the normal schedule after that.

We've begun doing yoga at the meditation classes. Our daily homework requirement is also growing, and this has become problematic on days that I work. I just don't have time for an hour of meditation, 15 minutes of mindful breathing and now, a few more assignments as well.

I'm still walking with a neighborhood friend usually twice a week. I would do more, but we both have busy schedules and it can be difficult to coordinate. I'm holding steady at about 8 or 9 pounds lost, depending on the day, but I would like to lose more and I'm not sure how to get off the plateau.

On the days I walk with my friend, I usually get in 11,000+ steps.

Couldn't sleep last night and watched a fascinating Frontline episode called Trump's Showdown. It was around 4 am so I guess it was a rerun. It did a really good job of piecing together the long sequence of events related to the Russia investigation and everything related to that. I find it hard to connect all the dots when I'm hearing mostly headlines here or there in between the rest of my life.

4 Responses to “This and that”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Not to get into politics, but I agree about the media and trying to piece together stuff in some of the stories. I realize they have a time limit, but sometimes even the headlines are misleading.

    Yay for getting rid of some things.

    Hope you have a good week.

  2. Wink Says:

    I have slacked off on my walking lately and I can really tell the difference. I'm sure I gained a few pounds recently but I'm avoiding getting on the scale. Need to get back to my routine.

  3. Dido Says:

    Getting off a weight plateau usually means changing things up a bit--our bodies adapt to what we have been doing, so we need to do something different--cut out grains for a week, for example--that one always works for me--or try intermittent fasting.

    That Frontline sounds good but after the past week I am so burned out over politics.

    Sorry that you will end up working a full-time week but I know you will enjoy the week off that follows!

  4. SavingBucks Says:

    I, too have donated pink towels to a single mother who is having a new start (Thank you, Nextdoor).

    I do the intermittent fasting and it works well and not hard to get used to -- for me it is BF at 10 am, lunch at about 1 pm, and dinner after workout between 5:30 and 6 pm. No snacking. Tea/coffee/water OK at any time (zero calorie). The theory is that the increased hours between dinner and BK contribute to fat burning. I have lost 40 lbs slowly over 16 months and have kept it off. I am in the same age bracket as well.

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