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Off color family history and other miscellany

September 22nd, 2017 at 11:07 pm

My knee is feeling much better with each passing day, but I still feel pain when I walk in that knee. The swelling has gone down, though, so at least I am not limping, but gingerly stepping on that foot instead. I can also as of today walk downstairs without a problem.

I hope it continues to heal quickly so I can get back to walking for exercise, especially since I will be sedentary when I start the new job Monday.

The interview for the other job was yesterday. It went fine, but the more I learned about it, the more it sounded like a very stressful job. Indeed the hiring manager told me that several times, almost as if she was trying to talk me out of the job. The benefits are very appealing but do I really need a stressful job at this point in my life?

So I met with 3 people and took an hour long writing and editing test, and I needed every single one of those 60 minutes to do it.

They are early in the process so they will take a few weeks to see other candidates, which works in my favor. The more time the people at job #1 have to see how I work, the better chance I may have to be offered a perm job if I got an offer from the other job. Of course at this point, I may decide against the stressful job but then I'd be throwing away affordable health insurance.

I just hope my options become more clear to me as time goes on.

I lost a lot of time to get stuff done while my leg was healing, so today was a busy day for me:

1. Picked up 2 bags of mulch at Lowes.

2. Macy's, for clothes shopping. I went a little overboard with 4 blouses and 2 pairs of pants (Charter Club) that are pricier than I normally buy.

3. DWS: Bought 2 pairs of flat shoes, tan and navy. Years ago I had a lot of trouble finding navy shoes and make the mistake of spending over $100 on some navy wood clogs, which I NEVER liked wearing. That was a mistake, and I was unsure at time of purchase. Should have listened to my instincts.

4. BJS: got groceries. The woman ahead of me was holding up the line by leafing thru the entire coupon catalog and I was anxious to get home as it was Friday afternoon at the start of early rush hour (4 pm).

5. Filled up the gas tank.

Tomorrow I'm going to the grand opening of a new local Tractor Supply as I want to check out their cat food prices. May hit a tag sale and then off to my friend's place to hang out in his area for a few hours, then back here for dinner with dad.

Dad was able to sell his boat, trailer and motor for full asking price to the 1st guy i scheduled to go look at it the other day. There was interest/questions from 4 other people. One other guy also made an offer but it was below asking price, so I don't really feel bad he didn't get it.

So that was a success, getting rid of it before the closing on his house, but the guy dragged dad to Motor Vehicles twice due to various snafus in transferring title/registration. I believe the buyer is picking it up to take home tomorrow.

Now dad wants my help in getting prices for removing some remaining junk from the house, basement and garage. This after I commented that the $1500 someone else quoted him sounded a little high to me. That person made no bones about planning on selling dad's stuff, so he would profit from it twice and I felt he should really offer some kind of discount on what he was charging my father.

1-800-GOT JUNK charges just $658, HALF the price of the other guy, for a "full" load, which is a space 10 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet high. If dad feels all the junk will fit that space, I don't see the need to shop around further. I will urge him to let me schedule it quickly to secure a day next week as the closing is early October.

I have to start thinking about what to bring for lunch for Monday work. It's been a while since I've had to do that. I have enough to make a fruit salad and will likely do some other kind of cold salad.

Oh! I learned from Ancestry that I can now access the Brooklyn Daily Eagle for free. I went online and searched my mother's maiden name as her father grew up in NYC, as did his 4 brothers.

I came up with 3 very interesting articles about one of his brothers, the father of my cousin M., who had told me earlier her father spent time in prison, and I already knew my grandfather did, for racketeering and who knows what else.

The newspaper had 2 news stories and an editorial, all from 1933, that named my grandpa's brother as having been among those convicted in a case for shaking down the owners of a live poultry business. In fact, one article talked about how three poultry dealers, who were material witnesses and in jail, "balked at leaving their cells when persons unknown to them put up $75,000 bail for their freedom." They asked the judge to recommit them to their cells becus they were afraid they'd be killed before they had a chance to testify, so the judge raised their bail to over $750,000.

After the poultry dealers refused to join a 'protective' organization and rent poultry crates from the racketeers, a group of men including my great uncle broke into the poultry plant early in the morning and wrecked the place will billiard cue butts. Ultimately, the witnesses stayed in jail til the trial, which resulted in their conviction, but a subsequent editorial revealed that their sentences were very light and was critical of that. My grandfather got just 6 months at Elmira State Prison due to his previous record, while the others got less.

The editorial was titled, "Light Sentences for Bronx Gangsters Seen as Detriment to Business Men in Fight on Rackets and Aid to Underworld Chiefs."

2 Responses to “Off color family history and other miscellany”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like some interesting things you are finding out about your family. I have been reading the local paper's data base at the library for free and discovered some interesting things about my family as well.

  2. Dido Says:

    I'm glad your knee is healing. Good luck with starting the new job tomorrow.

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