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July 12th, 2017 at 04:04 pm

1. My neighbor, who had agreed to he move the day bed into the family room tonight after he got out of work, called to say he couldn't make it as the school bus he was driving broke down and he was stuck with a pile of kids onboard waiting for help. He will be here tomorrow night, same time.

2. Met a woman who bought an old cordless phone set from me.

3. Stopped at nearby Aldi's and got some watermelon and other fruit.

4. Cleared a path to family room and moved existing twin bed out of the way.

5. Applied for a faraway job.

6. Turned down a friend's invitation to go on kind of an aimless road trip this Sunday, but invited him over for a cold beer in the shade instead. He accepted.

Sadly, a black swallowtail butterfly that emerged from pupa this morning had a damaged wing. It clearly could not fly. I could not bring myself to destroy it and instead tried to feed it a bit of kiwi. I put it in the shade and decided to let nature take its course.

I had a lentil/walnut/rice burger for lunch.

Tomorrow I hope to get that day bed in here and then right after that will leave for a focus group in town on banking. $125.

Here it is only July and Money magazine has already started pestering me with renewal notices. I won't be. It was cheap, but I can just as easily read it online.

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