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What's the most expensive pair of shoes you've ever bought?

June 2nd, 2016 at 07:32 am

Even though there was grass growing up through my just-paved new asphalt driveway (bizarre) the paver guy has been very responsive. After blow-torching the grass and melting the asphalt in that area did not work (the grass grew there again) they came up yesterday and when I came home I found them preparing to repave the last 4 feet on the lower end of the driveway. For good measure, one of the crew told me they actually dug up the grass and sprayed weed killer on it as well.

My neighbor across the street let me park my car in his driveway. They said keep vehicles off it for at least 2 days, so I called my lawn mower guy this a.m. to ask if he could mow tomorrow afternoon instead of today. Hopefully he'll get the message before he shows up here.

It is a bit of a pain because I often have delivery trucks coming here and I'm never sure if the driver will actually walk up my long driveway instead of leaving a package by the curb. I can put a sign there that walking on it is ok, but not driving. If I had known they were going to repave it yesterday, I would not have ordered things online, like the 3 macrame plant hangers I found on Etsy.

A throwback to my younger days, I fondly remember making macrame plant hangers in my teens. Not sure I'd remember how to now.

Today will be my 4th physical therapy session for the toes. After the last session, which included electrical stimulation on foot/leg, it did seem like my toes weren't nearly as stiff as they have been, but that feeling only lasted for about 20 minutes. I will make sure and tell them that.

My dad and I are planning a day trip in a few weeks down to Garfield/Saddle Brook/Passaic, NJ, where much of my family settled (there and Philadelphia) after arriving from Europe.

Once we settle on a date, dad suggested I invite my mother's cousin out to dinner with us before we head back to Connecticut as she lives down that way.

I discovered that a robin has built a nest in the very near vicinity of my new side driveway patio that I was enjoying so much. Now I feel I should avoid using it until the robin's babies have fledged. I'm not even sure it has eggs yet, but I have seen it sitting on the nest. I feel I should do whatever I can to help it achieve success since I remember a few years ago a robin that built a nest on the other side of my house abandoned its nest after a crow discovered it. I was able to shoo the crow away from it by banging on the window, but by then, it was too late. The robins must have known the crows would return sometime when I wasn't around.

As it is, the nest is in a very iffy area, if you ask me. I think the birds know instinctively that building a nest so close to the house is helpful becus predators are less likely to roam that area. However, the nest, while it's about 6 feet high if I'm standing in the driveway looking up at the shrubbery along the retaining wall, it's only about 2 feet off the ground if you're in the backyard, and a raccoon could easily reach the nest. So I don't know what its chances are.

I've lowered the shades on the 2 windows in my sunroom facing the nest so the cat doesn't spot it and harass it from inside. I'm also going to relocate the hummingbird feeder away from that area so I have no need to go in and out through my sunroom door every few days. And I'll stop feeding birds in that area too, although I like to watch the birds from the sun room. The seed would just attract critters.

This Saturday is CT Trails Day and while I have a bunch of art-related pickups/dropoffs I have to do, I'm considering skipping yoga (again) so I can squeeze in a few hours for either a hike or trail maintenance on a nearby trail. If I do that, I can then get a trails patch. Smile Which is what's motivating me to participate.

I have really not been spending much money these days, aside from the redo of my driveway and a trip to PA to meet up with Dido, but I must say I fell in love with a pair of leather woven sneakers at Bloomingdales for the ridiculous price of $248. And there's a pair of really nice sandals for $145 at Nordstrom's. I rarely if ever spend more than $100 on shoes but I must say I'm tempted. The nearest Bloomie's to me is down in White Plains, where I don't envision myself going, and it's too much of a risk to buy them online and they don't fit. I don't like the hassle of returns and would rather have the ability to return something like that to a store. There IS a Nordstrom's by me at the mall, so I could check out the fit of the sandals there. I've had back luck buying shoes online as to fit/comfort.

I've settled on a June Saturday later this month to have the doctor from the local non profit healthcare center and some others come to my home to look at the art I'd like to donate. I want to donate a ton of weavings which I don't really care for, but I'm not sure they will like them either.

I'm also for some reason feeling very self-conscious having these visitors come to the house so I'm going to have to really clean the main level they'll see. I'm also hoping it won't be sweltering hot since I don't have central air and it could be uncomfortable in here.

10 Responses to “What's the most expensive pair of shoes you've ever bought?”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    $14- for a pair of sneakers Of course i still buy them and use them a lot.

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I meant $140

  3. Jenn Says:

    I've spent around $150 for good hiking boots. I considered spending even more for some work pumps that were stylish & reported to be comfortable, but after receiving them from the online order, they just weren't perfect enough to spend that much so I returned them.

  4. crazyliblady Says:

    I buy Asics training shoes that retail for around $150.00. I usually buy them on ebay for between $75.00 and $95.00, though. I buy them because my feet superpronate (extremely flat feet) and this seems to be the only thing that helps. I usually buy them online so that I can get either black or grey ones which look better for work. I wear them every day so they have to be extremely durable and wearable with anything. Because I have this foot problem, I cannot wear shoes with heels, like platforms, high heels, or flat shoes like ballet slippers because they have no support.

  5. littlegopher Says:

    About $150 - I wore anything when I was younger, but nowadays my aging feet need better than that Smile
    I've online shoe shopped successfully, but only when they could be easily returned.... I'm lucky to have a shoe store nearby that measures and fits shoes, and allows shoppers to try out the shoes around their own house and return for any reason.

    Good luck with the pt and with finding the right shoes - a worthy mission indeed!

  6. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Unfortunately $220 when I was younger, as fancy Nikes were the fashion. Young and dumb! Would never spend that now.

  7. rob62521 Says:

    About $140 for SAS shoes. I discovered that I need the support of well made shoes. I hate buying such expensive ones and I have four pair...one pair is about 4 years old and I wear them to knock around in, one pair is three years old and I can still wear them with slacks, one pair I bought last fall because my brown ones that were 5 years old totally fell apart, and then I bought a new pair this spring because they had $9 off. Beats me why $9 and not $10, but the little shoe store that is run locally does it that way.

  8. Kiki Says:

    I broke most of the bones in my foot while in the peace corps. After taking nearly 19 months to walk normally after the accident I will spend what ever I need for comfortable shoes that do not hurt or cause any problems. Most expensive were probably around $150 or so but usually around $100. And when I find something that works I make sure to buy two pairs because it is so hard.

  9. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I paid $100 for a pair of Assic's when I was getting into running about ... ten? years ago.

    We had two Robin's nests here at our home. All babies have flown the coop though.

  10. Thrifty Ray Says:

    $100 on nice work shoes. I buy a pair every 2-3 years and then wear them till they are done. Otherwise, I pay about $40 for sketcher tennis shoes. Oh, I did pay $75 for really good sandals about 4 years ago...they are still going strong. Smile

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