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Going on myself

August 27th, 2015 at 03:44 pm

This should be interesting....

If you read my earlier post, the little 2-night getaway I planned for a beach town in Massachusetts with an old friend of mine began unraveling in the past week.

Things just got too contentious with all the special accommodations for his dog, who would travel with us, and my friend can be very stubborn and inflexible, IMO. I felt like I was making so many concessions about how I would spend my time, and this little trip is SO important to me, after all the stress with my mom, and not having any other truly fun time off this year. I didn't want to spend time dog-sitting, sitting in the car longer to accommodate multiple dog pit stops or relying solely on take-out because Ron couldn't go to a restaurant with the dog (I did locate a few outdoor places that did allow dogs but Ron doesn't eat good food anyway, just fast food.)

Anyway, we agreed it might be best not to take this trip together after all, and he suggested I try cancelling his room.

Instead, I decided to try to find someone else who might like to join me there so first first I tried one friend, and then another, both of whom were tied up doing other things, and I'm asking on very short notice, as we'd be leaving in a few days. Then I even asked my 82-year-old father (!) who is always up for an adventure. He was interested but he called me back today and said he was going to have to pass as he's got a bunch of stuff going on, 2 doc appointments during the time we would be away and he's trying to put in a new shower at his new apartment up here and nothing seems to be getting done.

So to my surprise, I am going on vacation alone, the first time ever in my life, if you don't count a few one nighters on business.

I'm feeling a little trepidation. It is a 3-hour ride up there, skirting Boston traffic, but at the same time, I'm also the adventurous sort and I see several advantages to traveling alone. Mainly, that I can do exactly what I want to do and not worry about accommodating someone else. So that would mean lots of long walks, maybe renting a bike and pedaling around to explore with my camera and stopping in at the many shops. I already have a print-out of some great hikes in the area.

The only thing I wouldn't be comfortable doing is having a nice lobster dinner at a restaurant, party of one. I will have to settle for a good lobster roll at a takeout place. Not the end of the world. And since my room will have a microwave and fridge, I plan to bring my own granola and some rice milk and teabags, etc so I don't have to spend extra for breakfast. I can enjoy my breakfast on the private deck overlooking the ocean and then head out on bike or on foot. SWEET. The only other thing I probably wouldn't do is venture out much past dark. The room has cable, and I go to bed early anyway. The hotel is right on a beach, but I doubt I'll spend much time there.

No doubt I will be worrying about my 2 kitties, but my neighbor will be coming in once daily to feed them, so they should be okay. I guess I could always plan on leaving early on Wednesday morning to head home.

I called the hotel and let them know the one room wouldn't be taken, and since they only charged my credit card for one room, one night,she said she wouldn't charge me anything for the last minute cancellation of the 2nd room, for which I am very grateful. (I am sure they would charge me $228 if I tried to cancel my own room as well.... so I HAVE to go, because I've been DYING to get away and I'm not one to waste my own money!)

So my bill will be about $450 for my room for the 2 nights, plus whatever I spend on lunch and dinner, and maybe a bike rental and if something catches my fancy in a shop. Smile My Honda gets about 45 mpg on the highway, and with current low gas prices, that expense will be minimal.

It sounds like FUN, I just hope I don't feel lonely.
I'm very comfortable with alone time but I've just never done it before on vacation.

How about you? Have you ever vacationed before by yourself?

13 Responses to “Going on myself”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    No I haven't been on vacation by myself, but I'm sure it will be enjoyable going at your own pace. Two nights is a good first alone trip!

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    I say go for it and glad you are. I have taken trips by myslf .. not sure they were called vacation but same thing and I would have the same trepidation with eating out somewhere nice by by myself but lots of restaurants have take out now (even nice ones) if you can.. or maybe there a nice hotel near by that caters to business people so you wil not feel awkward eating alone. I have done both. Have a great time. I love road trips and hiking/biking activities

  3. My English Castle Says:

    I had a great solo trip to Sweden last year--and found some nicer places where I was comfortable eating by myself. I just googled solo travel cape cod and found a bunch of sites. Have fun!

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    I've traveled by myself often but I don't know that I have ever vacationed 100% alone. If I have traveled somewhere alone it would be to meet up with other people. Given your situation, I'd just go alone and enjoy the peace and quiet. I like to be alone, and so I guess I don't see what difference it is *where* I am alone. I'm comfortable with driving long distances alone though; have probably done it 100s of times.

  5. Ima saver Says:

    I just hope you have a wonderful trip!

  6. Jason Says:

    Eating alone thing: that's what bars are for! You should be able to enjoy your lobster still at the bar at a nice restaurant.

  7. snafu Says:

    I've driven to other cities on my own, like to listen to podcasts or books in CD to limit boredom. It helps to run actual MapQuest hard copies to mark route options of probable restaurants, places of interest and available parking. Travel Advisor + city likely has straight forward visitors evaluations along with hours of operation. I've always made it a point to have lunch at the most expensive or 'featured' restaurant on my list and feel I get better value for dollars. Menu may be slightly modified, portions may be slightly smaller [I think they're all to big], staff is fresh, less frazzled and price is noticeably less. I find dinner can cause me to feel frazzled when I want to go to a concert to special evening event. I'm a trifle more nervous driving in a new city after dark. It's too easy to be in the wrong lane and unable to exit the freeway at the correct junction. Resort/hotel staff are a terrific resource for best place for celebratory dinner or their favorite cheap and cheerful, not to be missed delicious dinner.

    If you're in a tourist zone, it's pretty easy to strike up a conversation with another solo traveler if you like.

  8. CB in the City Says:

    I've taken road trips alone, never a bona-fide vacation. But I have eaten out alone. I would give it a try, if I were you. It is becoming more common, and if you have a smart phone, that gives you something to do while waiting. You start out thinking everyone is staring at you, but they're really not. Many of them are with people they'd rather not be with, anyway, so what the heck! Enjoy yourself.

  9. starfishy Says:

    I have vacationed alone and love it! many times i have tacked on some extra days alone after visiting/vacationing with others and i have to say that i like the alone time as much/if not more than the together time. but i am very introverted and i treasure my alone time! walking on the beach in the early morning and late afternoon/evening is one of my favorite alone activities. just me, the ocean, sand, seagulls and salt rejuvenating! also, it's ok to feel lonely doesn't have to ruin your vacation time if you can allow yourself to accept it and know that it will pass. and i say that if you want a lobster dinner in a restaurant/bar...go for it! life is so short, you kind of have to follow your desires even if the setting is not perfect. and are you there during the week? there are probably not going to be big crowds next week because most kids are back in school and restaurants might be fairly empty. anyway, i'm rambling on here, i just think it's great that you are experimenting with something new and most of all, letting yourself get away and relax. you've been dealing with a lot of stressful events lately and you deserve some sweet PS time!! and no dog butt in your face! Smile there are some wonderful beach towns north of boston - enjoy!!

  10. Carol Says:

    If you are still going to Rockport, there's a place on Bearskin Neck where you can get cooked lobster to take away and picnic on. In thrift mode you can go to Market Basket grocery in Gloucester and get cooked lobster and eat it wherever. Halibut Point in Rockport is a scenic place to walk and enjoy the rocky coast and waves.
    Sweet Magnolias restaurant in Gloucester is a great breakfast / lunch place with generous portions for another meal.Okay to eat alone there.

  11. Jenn Says:

    PS, I encourage you to eat out at a nice place alone. Don't do take out - you lose the experience that way. I do this on business trips all the time, and I really enjoy it. If it makes you more comfortable, take a book or a newspaper to read between courses, or just people-watch.

  12. Dido Says:

    Don't forgo the lobster dinner, if the only reason for changing is that you are eating alone! Why deprive yourself of that enjoyment? If you are feeling guilty that the server will not give you as good service because they won't get as big a tip, then just schedule your meal a little bit off hours, and they will be getting MORE than they might otherwise earn during an off-hour time--and don't be afraid to give a 20% tip. It costs very little and earns you good will (even if you won't be coming back)...just consider it a random act of kindness and earning karmic compensation. (Doing nice things for others is one way to promote your own well-being.) That's what I do these days...not an exact 20% tip but rounded to the nearest dollar.

    I've been taking solo trips since my senior year of college, and in fact, I have very little experience traveling WITH someone, although many of my trips, especially during my un/underemployed times, involved visiting someone who could put me up for a few days. Now that I am gainfully employed again, I am back to more frequent solo travel--a B&B stay in July and I'll do one more before year's end (although last weekend's trip to the Adirondacks involved staying over with two couples, but doing all the driving alone). The only thing that I DIDN'T enjoy about my 5-day trip was insufficient alone time.

    I enjoy my visits with other people like I enjoy my chocolate--smaller doses of quality, rather than mass quantities of lower quality. As a fellow introvert, once you get used to the idea of solo travel, you may feel the same.

  13. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I bet you have a fantastic time! And you may even find a way to have that fancy lobster dinner too- you never know! Just enjoy the adventure-

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