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Another sweltering day...

July 6th, 2013 at 02:02 am

It’s hard to find the get-up-and-go on such hot days like this one. I made 3 calls to have guys come out to give me estimates on a whole house humidifier for my furnace.

I made my own German potato salad, which uses vinegar and chicken broth instead of mayo. It also has chopped up hard-boiled eggs. I cooked up the entire (5 lb?) bag of organic potatoes for it becus organic potatoes tend to go bad on me very quickly and I hate wasting the money.

Before I knew it, it was time for lunch at mom’s. I brought some extra potato salad in a cooler with me. Spent some time there catching up with her and browsing her studio since I get to pick out some art for my upcoming birthday. I discovered an oil painting that looked VAGUELY familiar, an impressionistic painting of 3 sailboats on the water. I liked it a lot. She informed me it was “very old,” and then when I became curious, she went to see if she could find a record of when she did it. She discovered that she’d painted it early in her career, in the “60s/70s.” Nothing more precise than that. It could well have been painted when I was just a child. Knowing that made me want to own it even more. Who knows? It’s possible we may have a family photo somewhere with that painting in the background. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Before I’d left for my mother’s, I decided I was going to put the cats in the basement with their food and water. So I was able to turn all the fans off, but I had to put 2 44 lb. boxes of cat litter in in front of the cat door at the top of the basement stairs to keep Luther from scratching his way out. He tried, but when I chastised him several times, he seemed to settle down, and when I came home I was happy to see he’d found a spot on a blanket on a lawn chair down there.

I may have to put them down there again tomorrow for the afternoon, when it’s been hottest. I don’t think the heat is good for them, especially Luther with his long fur. I’ve tried cutting it a few times, but he always hates this and hisses at me. It doesn’t hurt him at all but he’s so fussy about things like that.
I knew I had to start mowing the lawn soon so I went out there to sit and contemplate the growing grass. I really had a hard time getting started because it was still too darn hot at 6 pm. Indoor house temp was 83 degrees, to give you an idea. But, I did finally begin the mowing and will have to continue it 2 more nights to finish front and back.

Oh, I finished my spending on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, the holy grail of cards. Now i can just focus on my bankamericard travel card for a $500 spend; have also racked up $122. Easy peasy.

2 Responses to “Another sweltering day...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad the cats did okay in the basement. I'm sure they were very comfortable down there. And congrats on meeting your purchase requirement on the Chase Sapphire card!! That can be a hard one to meet.

  2. litllegopher Says:

    Happy upcoming birthday - what a fun story on the painting (I find myself filling in the small blanks of memories more and more as I get older Smile )

    I ponder the sanity of my furry crew here - on the hottest, sweltering days, my cats have been known to search out their spots of sun! The sliver where it comes through the door window or in the window sills after finagling their way through the closed blinds or curtains. They move eventually when they seem to have soaked up all the sun they want. Our newest and plumpest one, Pip, will then plop in front of the fan, which the other two are afraid of... I can wonder all I want, but I've decided that cats will do what cats want to do Smile

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