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Pouting about pollen

June 23rd, 2013 at 12:49 pm

I never paid much attention to pollen counts until I acquired Waldo and discovered he has severe allergies. Each spring it gets harder and harder for him to breathe. I brought him once or twice to the vet, who gave him a quick shot and presto! Allergies subdued in a majorly way, really quick. I noticed his improved breathing on the car ride home!

However, Iím reluctant to submit Waldo to the trauma of a trip to the vet unless absolutely necessary. Heck, Iím never really sure I can even catch him to put him in the carrier.

This spring, I noticed that will email you the daily pollen counts at the start of each day. They also break it down by trees, grasses or weeds and indicate the level of severity (low, moderate or high).

In early April, Waldo was already showing signs of having breathing issues, so I decided not to throw open the windows the way I do on warm days. I love the fresh air and breezes coming in the house, but it just wasnít worth it when Waldo was affected by it so much. So I kept the house shut up continuously right through June; the only fresh air getting in here was when I went in and out the doors.

The difference has been amazing. Waldo is breathing so much better.

Not only that, but I came to the conclusion that the pollen heís allergic to is tree pollen. Now that tree pollen season is over (according to my reports), itís down to the grass and weed pollens, and Waldo doesnít seem affected by that at all. Perhaps the tree problem is more of an issue because itís floating down through the air from a much higher starting point. I know that when I still had my screened porch, Iíd get a thin layer of green dust on everything in the porch and family room.

Iím really glad, as I knew I couldnít keep the windows closed forever, and that when it really heated up, Iíd be forced to open windows since I donít have central air.

So now Iím enjoying wide open windows (and so are the cats) without any repercussions.

Yesterday, I got a check for $113; itís the up-front bonus from my Chase Sapphire card. Still working on rewards for dual cards, something I donít usually do, but I wound up applying for 3 cards right before I bought my new car. So now Iím working on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and the Bankamericard Travel card. After that, I may take a little breather on the credit card rewards. I feel like you really have to stay on top of them when youíre working to earn those rewards within a given time span.

So far, year to date, Iíve earned $355 in credit card rewards and in another few months Iíll have earned another $615.

I also participated in an easy promotion where you just have to use your BankAmericard once to pay for a phone/cable/Internet bill through June 30 and you get a $15 gift card at Target and a few other stores.

Last night I made my first of the season pesto sauce over pasta. It didnít taste quite right, because I substituted dried garlic flakes for fresh garlic, and it tasted a little flat to me.

I finally got paid $110 from a Yale study I did in early May. Now that Iím working 3 full days, I will by necessity have to cut back on these kinds of studies, and market research focus group studies, as well, but I will still keep my eyes open for things that might take place on my days off (Thurs and Fri).

The mulberries are starting to ripen on the big mulberry tree outside my window. I only know that because I can hear a variety of fruit-loving birds fluttering around in the branches each morning, including cedar waxwings, cat birds and robins.

Lucky Robin, if youíre reading this, youíll be pleased to know I fed the boys canned rabbit for the first time ever this morning ($2 a can) and they loved it. I think you're on to something. Smile

3 Responses to “Pouting about pollen”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about Waldo's allergies, but glad you can finally enjoy opening the windows.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    LOL, it is one of the feline's chosen foods in nature!

  3. baselle Says:

    LOL, agree with LuckyRobin - My RIP cat, Augie, loved bunny. He used to hunt baby bunny and eat what he caught in the living room. I didn't garden much those days so I don't really know if he was a rabbit deterrent or not.

    Mulberry pancakes are tasty.

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