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A day in the life.....

June 18th, 2013 at 12:44 am

This is the building where I work. I can't show you the front side cus it has the name of the company in big letters.

Here's the view of downtown from our parking lot.

It was a pretty good weekend although I didnít really do anything social aside from a brief visit from my mother and a phone conversation with my dad and my friend R.

I wrote a builder bio on Saturday and he liked it very much.

I mowed the lawn. Seems like is becoming harder and harder pushing that thing.

I made a cranberry-grape relish as well as a crabmeat/red pepper/pea/pasta salad for my work week lunches. I also tried a recipe thatís basically hard boiled eggs chopped up with mayo, sour cream and artichoke hearts, used as a spread on crusty bread or celery sticks. It was okay, but thatís because I just like egg salad; I donít think I liked the calorie-ridden addition of the other stuff and the whole affair was rather bland, even with liberal use of curry powder.

I also made a turkey chili, so that will serve as this weekís dinners if I donít get too sick of it. I was wanting to use up my frozen tomatoes from last summer, and after this have just one bag of it left. So, tons of food in the house; I may have to freeze some of that chili.

I swept up portions of my large driveway, as many shrubs hang over it. I got out my land bow saw and attempted to cut down to truly ground level the stubs of some shrubs I had cut back last fall. Without doing that, I still have to mow around the stubby stems. Iíd like to be able to mow over the stems to keep them all from sprouting again. I made some progress, but itís actually kind of hard to saw things like that so close to the ground. Iím sure if a neighbor saw me theyíd wonder what the heck I was doing.

My friend R. has another court appearance Tuesday. He is in the midst of a contentious divorce; for him, after she walked out on him twice, it is a gloves-off scenario and he is representing himself and fighting to depose several members of her family and friends as a means of pressuring her to settle out of court. She has hired a high-priced lawyer becus she was/is apparently under the belief that he had gotten tons of cash from two lawsuits he won against a former employer and his health insurance company, but he didnít get that much.

The whole thing is pretty sad; my friend is far from the perfect guy and, having dated and lived with him 25 years ago, I know that he would drive me nuts if I saw him regularly. However, at heart heís a good guy, very family oriented and a responsible guy. How two people who twice said ďI doĒ can be so mean to each other is something I have a hard time understanding.

Made it through another day at work. I only put it that way because itís such an odyssey to get there. Iíve been feeling guilty my cats are on their own for such a long day, so tonight after heating up my chili in the microwave, I played with the string with them and then, for a special treat, I poured some catnip on the family room carpet and inside a long, rectangular box that is tunnel-like and great for cats. Luther, of course, took to it immediately, but I have yet to see Waldo go completely inside.

2 Responses to “A day in the life.....”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    The cats are likely sleeping most of the day now that you aren't moving about during the day. I would guess they will look forward to evening play time!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I know how you feel about feeling guilty leaving the cats alone all day ... at least they have each other for company!

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