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Wonderful day

September 9th, 2012 at 04:49 pm

Why is it that the most beautiful weather days follow the worst weather days?

After yesterday's tornado watch, blustery winds and on again, off again rain, today was a little slice of heaven. The day dawned crisp and clear, with no humidity.

My mom was stopping by mid-morning to collect some tomatoes from the garden, but I couldn't resist slipping out for an early morning walk. Drove to the center of town, parked at the middle school and walked down past the new animal shelter.

It's such a huge improvement over the current one, a dilapidated shack wedged in between the town landfill and the railroad tracks.

Once past the shelter, the road turns to dirt, and I proceeded past the state horse guard stables.

It's one of only two left in the state, and was recently saved from the state budget axe.

I made a large loop around some corn fields; it was bright and sunny and simply wonderful.

Some old farm equipment...

...and the golden rod is in bloom.

Here's a recent salad from my garden.

After my mother left, I had an impromptu kind of Sunday afternoon. Got a phone call from a friend, took a brief nap on the sun porch, made a large hypertufa trough, picked more tomatoes, bell peppers and beans, boiled down and froze another batch of tomatoes, tidied up the garage, refilled the bird feeder, read the Sunday paper, continued editing The Author's book, mowed part of the front lawn and had a salad and nachos with refried beans, melted cheddar cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes for dinner.

It was a great day!

1 Responses to “Wonderful day”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    wow--the light looks so beautiful --as does your salad!

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