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It's official: mortgage paid off

July 11th, 2012 at 06:44 am

I see the deposit into my checking account cleared, so today was the day I intended to pay off the mortgage.

It's another warm July day but I headed out early on my bicycle to pedal to the mortgage bank. I was there at 8:30 am and the first customer to arrive.

When I announced I wanted to pay off my mortgage and should we alert the media, the teller looked at me with a tired look on her face, no doubt wondering what she'd done to deserve a wise-***, non-routine customer first thing in the morning.

It took her so long to verify everything with the main office and give me a written confirmation that I was able to tell her a good part of my life story these past few years.

I can tell you it's been much more interesting since I haven't been locked into a soul-scorching office routine 9 to 5, 40 hours a week. I've met more interesting people, have time to savor my everyday stuff, like biking to the bank, and I'm in physically better shape.

The teller was very envious, as she had to extend what was once a 15-year mortgage to a 40-year term. Working full-time as a teller, she confided, doesn't provide enough to live on.

So it will be more of a private celebration, sans press conference. It's a little bittersweet, as my thoughts of this day in the past included the assumption that I would be on "Easy Street" with no mortgage to pay and a full-time salary coming in. Savings into the old retirement account would accelerate and I would reach my $1 million mark in a few years.

Screeeech. Stop Reality check. It's not quite like that, but there's still a chance it could be, with just about any full-time job. I don't need to be making the big bucks. $50K a year would do just fine now.

In other news, everything in the garden seems to have gone into high gear with all this oppressive heat. String beans need picking, A baby cauliflower is forming! Squashes and zucchini growing, collards big, broccoli sending up mini heads good in a stir fry, tomatoes still green, but more of them. Basil threatening to go to seed. Snap peas and lettuce needs to be pulled out to make way for, dare I say it? More beans! Soybeans.... Picking wineberries daily now; froze one baggie, want to freeze more for winter months. Will do the same with the stringbeans.

I love it. My vegetable bin in the fridge is stuffed, and I haven't gone food shopping. Life is good. Things like this make me happy.

I have a paid off house, a thriving vegetable garden, two lovable kitties, a new p/t job. I have a lot to be thankful for.

21 Responses to “It's official: mortgage paid off”

  1. Monkey Mama Says:


  2. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Congratulations! That is just wonderful news! Enjoy the many, many good things your life has to offer.

  3. laura Says:

    Happy times ahead! I've only got another $259K to go on my mortgage until I can join you! Wink CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. Beawealthywarrior Says:

    That's so awesome, I'm also working to pay my mortgage off early. Hopefully within the next 4 years. What's your plan for your mortgage payment now?

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    Congratulations!! I hope that it does ease things for you financially. Your attitude about it all is wonderful. Keep it up. Smile

  6. snafu Says:

    The good news is no more mortgage! That's a huge, gia-normous milestone. No more mortgage payments automatically deducted from your bank account. You are part of a special group in the scheme of things.

  7. Swimgirl Says:

    Congratulations! It's great!

  8. ceejay74 Says:

    Congratulations! That had to make you feel good about how you're handling things; you've been un(der)employed for 3+ years, yet someone with a full-time job is envious of your financial success.

  9. Petunia 100 Says:

    Congrats, Patient Saver! Smile

  10. LuckyRobin Says:

    Congrats on the mortgage. I hope it gives you the breathing room you need.

  11. Analise Says:

    A great milestone... congrats!!

  12. librarylady Says:

    As Dave Ramsey would say, "The paid off mortgage is the new status symbol of choice." Smile

  13. Ima saver Says:

    I think that is wonderful! I am happy about the new part time job too!

  14. PNW Mom Says:

    Congratulations! Smile

  15. cheapiepoo Says:

    Congratulations! How liberating! I can completely relate to how you feel about not having to work in an office for 8 hours every day. When I was unemployed, I was just starting to feel good about myself, gain back my creativity, get into great physical shape...then I got a job . Not that I'm complaining but, it was amazing at the difference in my outlook and how many people I met during the few months AND how much better I felt when I was out of work.

  16. Shiela Says:

    Nice! Congrats!

  17. crazyliblady Says:

    Awesome. That's terrific. And now you can start using the money you used to use for the mortgage for other things. I think I will use that line about alerting the media when I pay mine off. That's probably a few years away since I just bought it 2 years ago.

  18. Just Me Says:

    Congrats! What an accomplishment. We have 47 more payments til ours is paid off. Not bad considering we started in January 2010 with 360 payments. Smile

  19. Jerry Says:

    Congratulations on everything you have done to lead to this point! I think it is correct that a paid off mortgage should be "the status symbol of choice" like Ramsey was quoted above. You have the place free and clear, which offers you a lot of insurance of choice from here on out with your income. I wish you all the best moving forward!

  20. Dido Says:

    Belated congrats!

  21. My English Castle Says:

    I just read this post--and want to chime in with my congrats. I think we can do the same within the next three years. You're a constant inspiration!

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