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My reward....

March 17th, 2012 at 11:07 pm

for cleaning mom's carpets...

I got to pick out what I wanted from her art. Here's what I chose:

Today I went to an equine and pet show. I had a coupon, so admission was free. I'd wanted to check it out last year, but ended up not going. It's a fairly new event. I suspected there would be pet food giveaways. I got samples of two premium healthy pet food brands direct from the manufacturers: 2 cups of dried and 4 small cans of a new cat canned food which my Waldo loved. They're not the kind I could afford to buy right now, except as an occasional treat.

They had two enormous workhorses at the show, maybe Belgians, and if all the little kids hadn't been fawning over them, I would have liked to have done so myself. Smile Reminder to self: Bring carrots next year.Smile

Picked up another week's worth of DVDs from the library, deposited $1,000 in assorted checks at the bank and enjoyed the warm afternoon sun in the sun room with the boys.

Waldo was just purring for no special reason, other than that he'd just eaten some yummy mackerel canned food, felt the breeze on his whiskers, watched the noisy house finches at the bird feeder and felt the sun warm on his back. Ahh, life is good.

I saw a clever but simple craft idea I want to try in Country Living magazine. Gather together whatever clear glass vases you may have. You know, like the ones you kept from when you got flowers, or something like that. You use ordinary latex paint and pour a small amount INSIDE the glass, then swish it around until the entire inside of the glass is coated. Pour out any excess onto a tray lined with tinfoil, then let it dry, sitting upside down.

The color of the paint turns a plain glass vase into something pretty. You only put the paint inside, not outside. It looks like so-called milk glass. Provided you have a nice color latex paint. Something pale like lavender or blue would be nice. Can't wait to try this. I have like a zillion different half used paints in various colors, and just picked up another 10 gallons of half used paint a few months ago via Craig's List. You can't put water in the vase afterwards, though, or it may start peeling. Dried flowers would be fine.

I called that place where I interviewed a week ago. She said they're still not done doing the first round of interviews, but said I could back again next week. Which I will do. I must be a contender, becus I don't think they'd tell everyone to call back, but I don't know.

Pinecone sent me two rolls of product (paper towels) to try out. It comes in handy.

While I was out, I also dropped a big container of some lentil/barley/carrot stew I made at my neighbor's,who just got home after having hip replacement surgery. I called her but she didn't answer, so I just rang the doorbell (no answer) and left it on her stoop. When I got to my mom's, I called her again (no answer) to let her know I left her some food so she wouldn't have to cook. When I came home after running all my errands, I looked over at her house, and she still hadn't picked up the food from the front stoop. I hope she's ok. I'm not sure that lying around is the best thing to do after hip replacement surgery.

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    You can do the same thing with clear glass Christmas ornaments. Put in one or two colors of paint, swirl it around, put it upside down and let it dry. It's a gorgeous effect.

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