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More work (that's a good thing)

December 12th, 2011 at 01:47 pm

I keep thinking I'm pretty much done with this contract job and then they surprise me and say there's more if you want to pick it up.

I scooted over to the publisher's this afternoon and was even successful opening the Quark document she emailed me which I had to copy onto a flash drive on my Dell, which has no Quark, and then put it in the Mac, where I could open it. Phew. It gets a little complicated at times, PC to Mac and back again, but I'm getting the hang of it.

I count 47 more listings so I figure that's good for another 3 days worth of work, maybe not quite full-time.

This morning I edited an email for the IT director ($10) and then addressed 3 rounds of revisions on a real estate sales brochure I wrote. The revisions are very unusual, but instead of working directly for the marketing director, I'm working with 2 realtors and a builder who have their own ideas. No problem. ($240).

Tomorrow first thing I'm heading to the landfill with several sawed up logs from the storm in my teeny trunk. I hope I can get them out without getting dirt all over me. It was a little hard getting them in there.

After that, I'm heading to the town of S. (a 40-minute drive) to rendezvous with the nutrition study research assistant. I need to hand in my diary and exercise logs, along with the actograph, and she's to give me some urine jugs for the next phase of the study.

When I come home from that, I'll settle in to start the latest batch of contract work.

I got my new Discover card in the mail today. Unlike the other cards I've gotten, they share my FICO score with me. I know some of my individual credit scores by going on CreditSesame or CreditKarma, but not my FICO.

I couldn't believe it, but it's 842, out of a perfect score of 850. I think the key thing is that while I've opened 3 credit cards in as many months, I'm still utilizing a very teeny fraction of what I could be spending. That ratio is what they like to see, i.e., that you COULD charge up lots of money, but choose not to. Doesn't seem completely logical to me, but they made up the rules, not me.

My job now is to charge up $1,000 in the next 3 months to earn a $150 cash reward.

Last spring, I found a website developer on Craig's List who was looking for a writer to team up with on a website he was redesigning for a chemical distributor in my area. He and I met with the owner of the company in May and I later asked the web developer what the deadline for the copy was. He said well, there really isn't any deadline, but the sooner the better. So, wanting to make a good impression so as to earn more assignments down the road, I worked all through the Memorial Day holiday weekend (we met the owner on a Friday) and turned in the copy that Monday.

I kept checking the website periodically to see when the newly re-designed version (and my copy) would be up, but it still wasn't there. i emailed the web developer several times and he usually just had vague answers for me. I'd basically given up, figuring something must have happened, maybe the web developer lost the job or somebody died, but lo and behold, SEVEN MONTHS after I did my part, the new website is live on the web. Geez.

I got paid when I did the work, but I still would be curious to know what happened. I sent the guy a short note saying the site looked great (again, hoping for more work) but he hasn't responded.

Upward and onward

2 Responses to “More work (that's a good thing)”

  1. Dido Says:

    842! Wow!

    Glad you got some additional work.

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    Great score! Just wanted to reply here in case you didn't see my response on my blog. I don't normally get the email notifications with people's emails, because I disabled that option through my blog settings. I prefer not to receive them, but did go in & temporarily enable the email option again.

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