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Done, done & done!

November 9th, 2014 at 10:52 pm

Today's doings:

1. Last pickup for the season at the farm CSA: head of cabbage, 2 heads celery, 2 apples, bunch of scallions, bunch of kale, 3 small heads of red lettuce, 2 acorn squash, 3 small peppers.

The farmer said I could pick all the daikon radishes I wanted, as well as Swiss chard and kale. We already had a frost here so I don't know how his fields escaped that. I only pulled up 3 of the white radishes and peeled them into a salad for lunch, and I rather liked them.

2. A load of laundry

3. Grocery shopping at Shop Rite

4. Made some corn chowder for my workweek lunches.

5. Blanched a bunch of celery leaves and froze them for use with future pots of pea soup. They add a lot of flavor.

6. Baked a pumpkin pie.

7. Took a walk (where we walked that time, Dido, if you're reading this Smile and ran into my mailman with his dog, along with some other people and dog walkers, whom I enjoy small-talking with.

8. Went to a craft show and wound up buying 2 pendants which are actually a kind of stone whose name escapes me but her prices were incredibly reasonable. Each one cost $12, compared to another vendor who had gorgeous gem and mineral jewelery but at much, much higher prices.

So it was a pretty nice day and only have to work tomorrow and then have Tuesday off.

3 Responses to “Done, done & done!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. Dido Says:

    Sounds like a productive day, and I remember that walk (and meeting you) well! Can't believe it's over 3 years ago now!

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Wow, you got a lot done!

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