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Credit card rewards: $390 YTD

June 7th, 2014 at 10:38 am

Year to date, I've earned $390 from credit card bonuses:

Feb: Discover card bonus $150
May: Capital One: $32
June: Bankamericard Susan G.Komen and Amex card bonuses: $208

I'll be starting to work on a new NFL card bonus soon that Bankeramericard issues. Actually, I'll be able to earn the $100 bonus for this one in one fell swoop as I plan to use it to pay for the $1500 tree takedown in my yard in a few weeks.

Tiny green mulberries are already beginning to form on the mulberry tree outside my office window. the birds will be picking them off soon before they're even ripe. I love being able to watch them from my vantage point at my desk.

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  1. Dental Floss Tycoon Says:

    WOW! That is quite impressive. Great Job!

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