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Family, friends, credit cards and such

December 12th, 2013 at 01:07 pm

I'm working from home today. Bliss.

Did I tell you I'm all done with my Christmas shopping? Ahh, relief.

Spoke to my good friend R. His dad is now receiving hospice care. Ninety-six-years-old and dropping weight, now down to 107 lbs i believe. He's also dealing with his own prostate cancer and new lower left jaw pain they picked up on the scan. Not good. It could be either cancer, an imminent heart attack or maybe just plain old TMJ, although that's not confined to one side.

My mother's all messed up with her computer and email again. This happens on a weekly basis and then she calls me to fix it magically, to troubleshoot over the phone with her.

My sister's announced she's doing Christmas dinner for the first time in at least 10 years, and not only that, she's inviting both my mother and my father. I have no living memory of ever sharing a meal with both parents at the same time, as they divorced when I was six. This should be interesting. She said she was tired of always having to decide how (and with whom) she was going to spend Christmas. The last time my parents met was at my mother's mother's wake, I believe. They'll get along, I'm sure, but it will still be weird.

Got my new Discover card ($150 bonus waiting in the wings) and am ready to start charging everything exclusively to the card to hit the spend goal ($750) asap.

My total credit card rewards for 2013 was $1400. Not bad, huh? Hard to believe, but I recorded only $371 in credit card rewards income in 2012. I thought I'd done much more.

2 Responses to “Family, friends, credit cards and such”

  1. beawealthywarrior Says:

    I received my Discover card the other day but I need reach goal on another card first to get $500 but I have a plan to make sure no rewards are lost Smile

  2. Dido Says:

    Wow, great job on the credit card rewards, and I hope Christmas dinner is a good experience.

    Also, just noting the changes on your sidebar in the amount you think you'll need to retire, particularly as these are in line with my own. You state that you want 100% of your living expenses from 60-66 in the bank. Have you thought about part-time work during that time?

    (Tax firms provide a pretty consistent source of income--for Customer Service if you don't want to learn tax--and once you are "in" a firm or office, there's a pretty high likelihood of being rehired the following year if you do a good job. The nice thing about tax is that is largely seasonal, so that you can be fully retired most of the year and make supplemental income during the first quarter.) Something to think about if you expect a shortfall from your goal of having your living expenses fully funded for ages 60-66+.

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