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Free afternoon

May 12th, 2013 at 11:52 am

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. We've already wrapped up our Mother's Day luncheon, hosted by me.

I made a cold salad with edamame, grape tomatoes, corn and black beans with a dressing and red onion as well as my cheddar/cauliflower soup and a homemade chocolate pudding for dessert (NOT out of a box). My sister brought her salad using violet flowers and kale flowers. Rather crunchy. She also brought a dessert made of chia seeds and coconut. I also had an appetizer of pear slices dipped in butter/cheddar and then ground up pecans. The pecans didn't quite stick to the pear slices, so i probably would make this again.

My sister brought a dozen eggs each for me and my mom, and she offered to cut down a mostly dead apple tree and dogwood for me. (She wants the firewood.) But maybe not til fall.

I spent most of the weekend creating a new Facebook page for myself as well as a Pinterest account. I did this not becus I have a real interest in doing so, or the time, but because I've known for a long time I need it for job prospects. Aside from the blogging, it might appear to prospective employers that I have no particular social media skills, and so many employers want a write who can do that stuff too.

So I spent hours setting up basic pages for myself which will become more robust over time with pithy comments and so on. I am not using my real name on them but will list them on my resume. The Facebook account will be thematic, centered around my interests in gardening. That's a nice, non-controversial and non-personal way to go with Facebook. The account I used to have was possibly hacked into as I could no longer log in and it kept asking me if I was "Simba." So I shut that down.

This afternoon is free and I'm thinking I should continue weeding and prepping my vegetable garden. I need to plant zucchini.

My sister told me she was a garden nursery recently where she noticed a sign that said they would come and dig up any unwanted pachysandra and tidy up the place when they left. Possibly even pay for it. I have OODLES of pachysandra here I'd love to get rid of so this place could be heaven-sent. I am calling them tomorrow!!!!!!

2 Responses to “Free afternoon”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope it works out that the garden center will take your pachysandra and pay you to boot! Sounds like a wonderful deal.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    That is hilarious about, 'Simba!'

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