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2 interviews lined up for this week

July 16th, 2012 at 02:07 pm

I hope you're not getting tired of hearing about the job search. It just goes on and on and on and on and well, you get the idea.

First interview is tomorrow morning for the freelance, work-at-home editing job for a company that specializes in translation services for law firms. Who knew there'd be that much work? I guess I'll learn more when I talk to them. It's mostly Japanese, although that part of it is irrelevant to me since I would be editing the English translations. I was told by recruiter that it would be full-time until a given project was finished, and then there might be a lull between jobs. She wasn't really sure how much work there might be.

I'm very interested in this job becus while it pays just $20 an hour, it is work at home and hopefully would be ongoing, on a project or as-needed basis.

My next interview is the 2nd visit to the PR agency in New York state. (Can we say 3rd tax return?) I would be meeting with one of the project managers that works for the owner, who i interviewed with first. This job would pay much better, between $30 and $45 an hour. It would be 2 full days a week, at their office, which is about a 45-minute commute.

I could conceivably do both jobs, depending on how tight the deadlines were at the legal editing job. If I needed to work weekends, that would be no problem.

I asked the guardian ad litem I've done legal editing for whether she'd be willing to serve as a reference. She seems to like my work and it's pretty similar to what i'd be doing at the new job as far as editing legal briefs and such. Even if she says no, I will still bring a sample brief of hers i edited, with all my editing marks, to show the interviewer.

The weather is just awful. It "only" got up to about 88 today, but the humidity level is at 79%, which is really unbearable. Tomorrow will be hotter, up to 95, HOWEVER the humidity is supposed to be down to 49%, so it should be much more comfortable.

5 Responses to “2 interviews lined up for this week”

  1. cheapiepoo Says:

    Good luck on the interviews! It's hot here in Chicago, too. 99 tomorrow...ugh.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Good luck!

  3. Saving For a Rainy Day Says:

    Good luck! =)

  4. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Good Luck

  5. My English Castle Says:

    Good Luck--101 here today!

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