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Dead mouse smell

February 15th, 2010 at 07:27 pm

Several days ago, I noticed a distinct bad smell in my upstairs hallway and office. This happened once before, and the smell was actually rising up through the house from the basement, where I tracked it down to a dead mouse caught in a mousetrap.

However, I've scoured the basement, not to mention my office, just in case, and can't find any dead mouse. Perhaps it died somewhere inaccessible.

It stinks! It's disgusting!! I'm wondering which will come first, spring, when i can at least open the windows for ventilation, or total mummification of the dead mouse.

Yesterday morning i spent several hours adapting a handout someone i met at my job networking group used for my own purposes. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks. It's meant to supplement my resume. While my resume is organized by the job and emphasizes my function at each job, this handout is organized by skills and emphasizes the same skills listed on my resume, but here it leaves out all the company-specific stuff. It's also a lot easier to read and fits on 1 page.

I'm going to bring it to the next job networking group meeting to show them how you can adapt someone else's stuff to suit your own needs. I think they'll be impressed. Now if i could just find an employer to impress....

I had committed to wallpapering the bathroom today, but found myself stalling, so to avoid doing absolutely nothing today, i headed out the door to buy $77 worth of cat food (the 2 boys go through 5 cans daily, so it goes more quickly than you realize), then Costco, where I got 3 gallons of milk (i freeze some) and had some yummy free samples (dark chocolate-covered pomegranate!!) and Petco, where I was able to exchange some Natural Balance that the boys don't like for some dry food and snacks.

Fighting my usual mid-afternoon fatigue, i can either spend the afternoon finishing pruning The World's Largest Burning Bush, OR do some of that wallpapering.

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  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Ick! I hope you find the source!

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