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Tax talk, a fireplace contest, family issues

February 7th, 2010 at 08:52 pm

I am oh-so-thrilled to 1) have finished my federal and state tax return and 2) have learned that, combined, I'll be getting back $4,100!!!!!!!

That's probably a record for me, made possible by a combination of factors, including having a much lower income from having been laid off, $900 in tax credits from installing energy-efficient windows, having a portion of my unemployment benefits be tax-free and the Make Work Pay tax credit.

Although my brokerage gives me free Turbo Tax each year, I prefer to do mine the old-fashioned way, using the IRS maze-like instructions ("Is the amount on Line 17 lower than the amount on Line 18? If so, skip to question 20; if not, fill out the worksheet on page 59....")and a sharpened pencil. I'll be mailing it off tomorrow; the state return i filed electronically, cus it was free.

I also entered an essay contest a local hearth and home type store is holding to give away a brand new fireplace installed, or, if you already have one, an updated fireplace, value up to $5,000.

The selection of the winner is March 5.

My house is unusual in that it doesn't have a fireplace and I always thought a stove or fireplace would go far in improving my ability to enjoy the first floor during the winter. As it stands now, I mostly live in the upstairs, save for time spent cooking and cleaning up in the kitchen.

I learned, with some sadness, that K. is moving out from my dad's house after 4 years there and buying her own home in the area. It stems from relationship issues they're having that have to do with my two half brothers. I think their relationship will continue afterwards, perhaps even improve, but things will be different, to be sure. I always had some peace of mind knowing they were together, should either one, both of whom have had their share of health problems, fall ill. Now, each will be on their own.

Home Cooking Challenge, MTD: 7 points!

1 Responses to “Tax talk, a fireplace contest, family issues”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Good luck with the essay! Wouldn't that be a lovely prize to win. Smile
    Sorry to hear about K. My dad and his girlfriend don't live together and everyone says that's the main reason they've survived this long. Wink My dad spends about half his time at her place anyways.

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