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Building a different kind of life

March 17th, 2024 at 11:29 pm

PSA: A while back I was informed that my account here had been hacked, so consider this as a good time to change and strengthen your password.

Not too long ago, I'd been contemplating scouting around for a 4th volunteer opportunity, but now, like a race horse settling into a comfortable gallop, I am finding more things to do with the two groups I'm involved with, so I'll just pace myself and see how things progress.

This week I'm helping the founder of the litter group staff a table at a vendor fair at a local VA, and this weekend is our 2nd cleanup event of the season, at a reservoir in a rural town. I wrote a story about the history of that reservoir to help promote the cleanup in the newsletter, and I'm now basically in charge of FB social media; so far, I've been finding it fairly easy to post once a day, culling interesting litter articles I find and writing my own little synopsis for them or otherwise calling attention to "microplastics" in the ocean and the problem with polar fleece. I would honestly like to take over the newsletter too, only because writing/communications is what I've done all my life and I just enjoy it.

At the other group, things are percolating also. After writing the first grant, we paused as my colleague nixed the next grant we were set to move on after realizing our nonprofit partner would not like seeking $$ from this particular utility company, which had cut down their trees by mistake, and things have gotten contentious.

I am quite enjoying getting more and more involved. It's nice to feel wanted, and that the work you do is highly valued and appreciated.  This has definitely taken the place of paid work for me.  I've volunteered, in very limited fashions, over my working career, but never really dug in the way I am doing now. Both groups are small and pretty new, so they could use all the help they can get.

Really, if I had to sum up my retirement thus far, I could say it centers around 3 things: 1) my volunteer work, 2) my exercise activities and 3) dad. I truly wish I had more family to spend time with, but being unmarried and without kids, I don't.  Dad doesn't care about holidays. It doesn't make sense to make an elaborate meal for 2 people, especially when I'd have to drive and fetch him and bring him back, then cook, then bring him home again. I tried that a few times and it was pretty exhausting. Easter will be tough because I'll be thinking how everyone in the world, practically, is spending quality time with loved ones.

2 Responses to “Building a different kind of life”

  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    If you want to spend Easter with your dad, could you make a meal at your house and just reheat it at his place?
    A quiche, salad, and dessert is pretty easy, or a casserole with meat, potato’s or pasta, and a vegetable in it?

  2. Dido Says:

    I'm glad you are getting more involved with volunteer activities. That should help to build your "family." I think those of us who are unmarried need to build families who are not genetically related.

    I hope you figure out something both you and your Dad will enjoy for Easter. Being Jewish, the holiday is meaningless to me, but I DO feel that way on Christmas, go figure--maybe because Christmas is so "all over the place" and harder to avoid reminders of, plus everything is closed. I've generally re-framed the holidays for myself as "retreat" days, time to reflect and regroup and plan for the next season.

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