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A pretty nice day

March 15th, 2018 at 01:25 am

Lovin' the new work schedule

I worked a half-day today at the office, as per my new schedule. I met the new proofreader who is sharing my job. He seemed pretty nice and I sense he knows what he's doing. I talked to him about the many different style guides we use, and a few of my firm's idiosyncrasies.

So I'm having a conversation with another co-worker as I'm packing up my things to leave. After she left and I have my coat on, someone else who sits near me said oh, PatientSaver, I just sent you 2 PowerPoints to proof.

This is typical, getting work when you're ready to leave. This time, though, I explained that I could not do it, based on my new FIXED work hours (which I previously told him about). I suggested he give the work to the new guy...that's what he's there for. Old habits are hard to break. Sigh.

After work, I decided to stop at a Trader Joe's in the town where I work...very convenient, more so than if I went to the TJs I usually go to, a 20-minute drive from home. This one's more or less on my way home. I think I will make this a habit.

Planning a trip to the land of your ancestors

Tonight I went to an interesting genealogy club meeting (not possible under my former f/t schedule) with a speaker talking about a genealogy tour she went on with extended family of 20 cousins to their ancestors' birthplace in Poland. Apparently, you can hire a genealogist, give them all the relevant research you've done, she will travel to the destination ahead of you and plan the whole itinerary, have you meet any family there, go to key sites, burial grounds, churches, etc., and then travel WITH you to serve as interpreter and accompany you on the tour.

She paid $2,000 to the genealogist, who spoke fluent Polish and acted as translator on the whole 10-day trip, and another $1400 for the trip itself. I think she said airfare was $975 and I guess that must've been separate, so the $1400 covered food, lodging, tours and everything else. She said the $2,000 was SOOOO worth it because her family in Poland supplied a lot of missing names and other info on the family tree, they got a hundred backup documents from the genealogist they hired, etc. etc.

I would love to do something like this, can you tell?

New health insurer = new doc + new meds
So I need to do something about my MS meds. Good thing I have a stockpile, but since going on my new health plan effective March 1, I knew I'd need to find a new neurologist since my current longstanding one isn't in network on the new plan.

Last week I went to an MS lunch and after the talk, I approached the doctor who spoke and asked her for a recommendation, explaining the issue. She said oh, your Dr. so and so will actually begin practice in W city in May, and it will be covered by your health plan.

I wasn't sure at the time I definitely would want to stay with him as he usually is so low key about things and I want more of a definitive opinion, you know, like he cares. So at the time I was talking to this other doctor, I thought this might be a good time to find a doc I like more.

She did also recommend another neurologist, but when I called his office, they said they require a referral and I of course have to have all my records transferred. Kind of a pain.

I thought it might save time not to deal with that and just stick with my existing doctor for now, except that when I called both my health insurer and my current doc's office, they both said my current doc was NOT in network and seemed to know nothing about something "happening in May."

I spent a lot of time making phone calls, including a 2nd one back to the doc who said it was happening in May but it was clear from what the assistant told me in that 2nd call that the doc didn't want to be bothered by this particular matter anymore.

Then I suddenly recalled that my current doc has an online "portal" you can communicate through, so I sent a note to him today asking him to clarify whether or not he's doing something in May that would make it possible for me to keep seeing him as I have for the past 20 years.

He replied to tell me he would be working at a new MS center at a certain hospital, and to "watch" for news on that.

I googled it and sure enough, the new center is now under construction, but I'm not sure I have the luxury of just waiting for 2 months on the hope they'll open it on time. I only have so many months' worth of meds in my fridge.

And to be honest, I was a little disappointed in my doc's ho hum response, like he really didn't care that much whether a longtime patient stuck with him or not.

So I think I will just cut the cord. I have the form filled out which i have to mail to current doc's office to transfer my records over to the new doc. Hopefully the online reviews of new doc's office aren't accurate, as a few people specifically complained about the office staff taking their time on doing stuff and not really doing their job.

So I'll mail the form, wait a week or so before calling, and hope 1st doc mails my records to 2nd doc in a timely fashion, and then I can make an appointment, just to be able to renew my meds, or rather, switch over to the generic version of my drug, since that's what insurer requires.

The whole thing is such a hassle, but what are you gonna do? So glad I'm not in danger of running out of meds; that would be very stressful and no one else would really care.

4 Responses to “A pretty nice day”

  1. Debtfreeme Says:

    How long are you planning to work the partial retirement work plan? As long as they let you? I think it is such a great idea!

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    My thinking on this has changed somewhat. Assuming we both were happy with each other (2 way, not 1 way as your question implied), I could see myself working here til age 65.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope it all works out with the doctor.

  4. kashi Says:

    That genealogy trip sounds so awesome. Is it through a specific company? I have family in that area too but not exactly sure where.

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