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Barclay's just increased their online saving rate

January 25th, 2018 at 01:02 pm

It used to be 1.30% interest for their online money market; now it's 1.50%. It's welcome news....every little bit counts.

I never had much interest in bank deposit accounts (either CDs, money markets or savings accounts), but as you get older, these definitely have a greater place in your portfolio. I think of it as "ballast" for the riskier portions of my investments.

Today's pay day. I only worked 30 hours last week, so I netted $738 for the week.

It's about 20 degrees outside so I guess I'll work in a walk this morning before leaving for work. Strangely, the cold no longer bothers my ears. Used to be (for many years) I found it difficult to walk or spend time outside when temps dropped much below 30 degrees, because without ear protection, the cold hurt my ears. Now I don't really notice it.

I'm going to return a sonic jewelry/eyeglass cleaner to Amazon for a $28 refund. I bought these as kind of a last resort thing to help me better clean my old eyeglasses. I had scratched them so much (using those little cloths they give you) that I thought just dunking them in the cleaner for a minute might be a good alternative. Eh, I wasn't impressed, and the cleaner took up valuable space on my bathroom countertop.

The woman at Target Optical advised against using the sonic cleaner as it might mess up the anti-glare coating on the lenses. Luckily I thought to do this before the deadline for returns, just 5 days away.

This morning...1 day after telling the eye doc my eye felt 100% eye has felt some pain 2 or 3 times when I shifted my eye in various directions. This is really upsetting me because I thought I was healed and done. Now I'm wondering if I should continue 3 more days of tapering down off both the antibiotic and the prednisone as doc advised.

I guess I'll monitor the situation today and see what happens. I really want to be done with this. PLEASE.

1 Responses to “Barclay's just increased their online saving rate”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about your eye.

    I agree with you on the CDs and other more staunch investments. We have been laddering our CDs in hopes when they do some due, the interest rates will be higher.

    A couple of years ago we decided to put some money in a Money Market at State Farm Bank. It pays better interest than any of the other banks and a credit unions around us. Not a huge amount, but more. I know we are not in the loop, but we aren't trusting a bank without a brick and mortar sort of place at this point. Call us old fashioned, I guess.

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