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More credit than I will ever possibly need

October 31st, 2017 at 12:31 am

I have a variety of credit cards that let you see not just your FICO score, but also the % of on-time payments, the length of your credit history and how much cumulative credit you have available to you.

Would you believe that the total credit available on my cards is $88,000? Crazy.

We had a very rainy Sunday all day long, and then the rain got worse and the wind picked up going into the evening. The howling wind kept me up all night. I had power when I went to bed but woke to no power.

I left for work and came home to a dark house tonight but surprisingly not a cold house. It was still 66 degrees in here. After feeding the cat and brushing my teeth and changing into some warm pajamas and throwing an extra quilt on the bed, I sat here in the dark in front of my computer with the cat on my lap, combing out fleas with a flashlight balanced between my chin and my chest.

There was really nothing else to do but go to bed early, when the power magically came back on around 7:30 pm tonight.

So, let's see, I'm guessing i had no refrigeration for about 16 hours. I had made a big pot of meatless chili for my work week lunches on Sunday, but didn't want to open the fridge door to grab some this a.m. so I just ate out for lunch today. And although I think they say fridge food only lasts for 4 hours without power (24 hours for freezers), I am going to eat that chili. It's purely vegetable so I think it's ok.

Today my manager introduced me to a new hire as "Editor Extraordinaire," so I guess I'm doing okay in his eyes. However, this hasn't stopped me from looking elsewhere, and yesterday I applied to an assistant editor position with an arts and antiques weekly paper, affiliated with my hometown weekly newspaper. It would be a very, very low salary, maybe $30K, but if it came with benefits, I would take it.

Don't know if they'll call me as they said it would be a "plus" if you worked for an art gallery or auction house. I did work for an art gallery once on the Cape, but that was over 30 years ago.

5 Responses to “More credit than I will ever possibly need”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Interesting trivia about your available credit! I haven't thought about totaling them up before. I just checked and between our three open cards, we have $28,700. (Not all available all the time since we have balances on all of them that get paid off at different times of the month.)

    Nothing wrong with looking for other work when you're doing really well somewhere! If you get another offer and want to give your current place a chance to counter-offer you full time with benefits and some telecommuting, you can. Or not! It sounds like they probably wouldn't anyway.

  2. Carol Says:

    That storm was something! Eversource ( electric co. ) robocalled to say they were working hard on restoring power to Connecticut. I was glad for them, but my outage was in NH!!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    The great thing that although you have $88K available, you would never spend all of that because you want to pay your bills. There are folks who think because that have that much available, they should spend it. Years ago we got a loan to put on a sunroom. We only borrowed what we needed, but the bank informed us we could borrows loads more and didn't we want to update the rest of the house? We said no and they were shocked. I wonder how many folks take that kind of bait.

  4. snafu Says:

    With all the storms, both practical and inexpensive to have and use LED 'floating' type flashlight, lightweight, functions as a lamp where and when needed. 2nd, LED, 'headlight' rechargeable type, hands free, worn on head or on baseball style cap.

    Anyone who goes camping finds this combo imperative. Very practical for we who walk dogs early AM and after dusk.

  5. My English Castle Says:

    I thought of you with the storm outages. Glad you escaped unscathed.

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