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Sunday Stuff

October 8th, 2017 at 12:02 pm

Dad came over in the a.m. so I could write out a check for him to pay the electrician who did work on the house he's selling. His vision is so bad that it's affected the legibility of his handwriting. The closing is supposed to take place Monday.

After he left, I did a pile of cooking for the coming work week lunches, including a wheat berry salad, a potato salad using purple heirloom potatoes I grew (looks a little wierd, but tastes good) and a cold pea soup.

I was listening to classical music as I cooked but found it was making me depressed becus it reminded me of my mother.

Yesterday I vacuumed and did the food shopping and picked up some grain-free cat food for Luther. He's scratching like crazy (no fleas).

I stopped in at the local bank, intending to enter their raffle. They just opened up a new location as they outgrew the old address on Main Street. But I'd been thinking of switching my checking account over to them, not necessarily today, but that's what I wound up doing.

I've been with my old bank for 20 years and after all that time, my opinion of them is still completely neutral. Meaning, they provided a service that I need (checking) but I otherwise have no real positive feelings about them. The new bank is smaller but has grown quite a bit in the past few years and I like doing business with more local businesses. I did a focus group with them a few months ago and was impressed with all the ideas they were considering doing to attract new customers.

Plus they offer a few more benefits than my old bank in terms of interest paid on checking and the minimum balance being lower (0.08% if you maintain a $2500 balance), a $30 discount off a safe deposit box and stuff like that. The tellers also make a point to greet you by name as you walk in, and I think I'd like that. Smile

Of course, I have a gazillion things to change over, including links to T. Rowe and Vanguard and Barclay's so I can transfer funds, as well as all my credit card bill pay accounts.

They all do those mini "test" deposits to ensure my identity so it will be a pain for a while. I already emailed a voided check to my new employer so they can change my direct deposit.

I spent a lot of time calculating my expected 2017 income this year from a lot of different sources as I felt they were withholding too much from my paycheck, but I think it may be ok as is.

I returned a pair of shoes I bought at DSW for a $65 credit.

Today's been kind of a lazy day so far. Luther really appreciates my presence at home. The weather is humid and overcast with a little rain which we really need. I'd like to squeeze in a walk, a trip to CVS and BJs, but not sure I'll do all 3.

Spoke to my cousin to wish her a happy birthday. I may need to get new car tires soon. I need to get out there with a penny. I still have the original tires on the car and it's a 2013.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    DH didn't want to change banks a few years ago although I was the one who was so frustrated with the bank and our checking account. I couldn't get it to balance and the bank said we had more money than I did. Granted, better that way then the other way, but I always worried that it would flip and we would wind up with a deficit. I told him loyalty means nothing since the bank was sold numerous times. We actually have accounts at three different places. One is checking and a small money market account in case we need to transfer money over to savings. Another is a credit union where we have different savings accounts. The third is a small savings account where we have our safety deposit box. Granted, we get little to no interest on the latter, but we save a bunch on the safety deposit box rent having it there.

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