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October 1st, 2017 at 02:29 am

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments, support and ideas on my last post about how I wasn't diggin' the job that much.

You all had something different to say and this is why I like this forum so much. A lot of your remarks hit the spot.

I plan to bring in a Radio Shack radio headphone thing I have; my experience has been that the reception is bad in an office environment with all the electronics, but I will see.

I'm not as down as I was when I wrote that post, and of course it's the weekend so I feel better. Smile I guess I'll just have to give it more time and in any event, I don't have other job offers right now although I am still looking. If I don't hear anything from the other job I interviewed for, I'll assume they weren't interested in me although I don't think I'd accept at job from them anyway.

It was a very long work week.

Today I filled up the gas tank, stopped at Macy's to pick up 2 more pairs of Charter Club skinny pants since I like the first pair so much, so now I have them in brown, black and navy blue. I did my grocery shopping, reset some mouse traps in the garage, blew the leaf litter off the driveway, took in some of the potted plants and generally organized my garage, though more still needs to be done. (Tomorrow?). I bleached/washed a mildewy dish drainer pad and stopped at the pet food place to get Luther some treats as I know he has to deal with long, boring days by himself now. I saw dad for dinner and got him to agree to change our Saturday night dinners to Saturday lunches, as I don't like going out in the dark and in the cold, and those days are coming. Plus I could have him come to my town more, where there are many more great restaurants, and he'd be able to drive himself home in daylight hours. Plus we'd face less crowds. I also did my September expense and investment reports and stopped at the $1 store to get birthday cards for my 2 cousins with October birthdays.Also made a trip to the landfill; no avoiding the Saturday crowds now.

Tomorrow I plan to make a salmon corn chowder I can bring to work, along with an apple crisp and a tofu chocolate pudding. I'll finish painting a small spot that was peeling on the ceiling, continue to organize the garage and call my cousin.

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  1. Amber Says:

    Glad to hear that you'll be trying something different, I hope the radio works for you

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