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1st day of work

September 26th, 2017 at 02:04 pm

My first day at new contract job went fine, albeit a little slow, but 4 or 5 people are out at a conference so things will probably get busier when they return tomorrow.

Everyone seems very nice. More men than women. It feels a little claustrophobic in this old 1920s house renovated for offices. There are 4 small rooms upstairs with me and another guy in one room (and a 3rd vacant desk) and 2 guys in another room. I was told they used to occupy only the upper floor with some lawyers occupying the downstairs. It's so tight for space it makes me wonder. I imagine the husband/wife owners live in this same exclusive town and that's why they are located here.

The job is more of a proofing job than editing, at least so far. They don't seem to want me to make any major rewrites at this stage, which is fine with me if that's what they want. My strengths are as a writer and editor and I imagine this might get boring. But we'll see.

I took a teesny 15-minute walk yesterday as I know it's a very nice neighborhood. I hope to get out for a half hour today although I know it will be hot and humid again. I really like to get up and do a brief walk at least every 2 hours (every 1 hour is recommended) but at this place everyone will be aware of someone walking around.

I am also VERY thankful my knee heeled up amazingly quickly, becus the staircase at work is the original old and very steep staircase. I could not have managed that just 3 or 4 days ago, especially going down! Definitely not handicapped-accessible.

So I proofed a few decks for a well-known drug-maker's breast cancer drug. I asked to review my edits with the account executive person because she knows the client's style preferences and many of my edits she "stetted." (undid). So it will be a learning experience.

At least I don't have to leave for work til 9:15 am. Though by the time I got home last night, it was dark. I still don't have the best commute figured out and twice now there have been detours on back roads that threw me off. It took me 55 minutes to get home last night when it should only take 40. I have 2 new routes to try today, one will still be back roads as it will be light when i leave, and the way home will be the highway, which i prefer at night and if it's snowy they will be much safer.

3 Responses to “1st day of work”

  1. Amber Says:

    Congratulations on the new job and glad to hear things are going great with your knee

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Wishing you the best on this new adventure! And I hope you find a solid drive before winter and dark complicate things.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Congrats on the new job. Maybe once they get to know you, they will expect more than proofing.

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