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Now my nerves kick in, background check snafu?

May 5th, 2017 at 04:23 am

I finally got word: I start the contract job Monday.

I'm about as ready as I can be: I read volumes of material they provided me and even drew up a rough outline of the first brochure (assuming I'm still writing brochures). Based on what manager said, the parameters of the job have likely changed.

I bought some new clothes, I figured out (roughly) what I'll pack for lunch, will test alarm clock tonight, etc.

And now my nerves have kicked in. Not at all unusual when starting any job, but I feel nervous about this one in particular, just because of what's expected. I walk into so many places where the existing writing is so bad that it's easy to shine in comparison. I'm not confident they'll love what I do. Worst case scenario, they let me go prior to the full 4-5 week term, bruising my ego and of course less money.

The commute is 35 minutes, all back roads and very scenic. It's the exact same route I drove to work 8 years ago to Norwalk about 4 miles further down the road.

So I passed the personal background check but am not sure about the employment check. They only check the last employer, and so I listed the education website. I gave them the general Houston number i found on their website (we've never had a need to talk on the phone) but learned later that my contact there works remotely out of Seattle.

So the firm running the check ran into problems, I spoke to recruiter, then they ask for W2 or equivalent. I had to explain they don't issue W2s to freelancers, so then they email another note asking for tax return signed by third party or 1099.

I do my own tax return so it's not signed by a third party and I don't have a 1099 since I only started with the website in Nov/Dec and hadn't made enough money ($600) for them to issue me a 1099 in 2016. And I won't get one for this year til end of year, obviously.

I really wouldn't like to send my personal tax return to some firm based in India. However, the recruiter had forwarded to me a brief email my contact at the website had written saying when i started there and that I'm doing a good job. I hope that suffices. They're only checking to confirm employment during the times I stated.

"Job, humbug!"

Amazingly, I have nothing special planned this weekend. Maybe one more load of laundry. I suppose I could even find the right paint for the bookshelves and start priming, but would rather do that on a sunny day and it is very dark and gloomy today. Lots of rain coming. No more drought.

OH! One exciting thing that happened in the midst of my bookshelving construction yesterday: I happened to be in the garage and glanced up at the aquarium I'd moved there for safekeeping while the carpenters were going in and out. (It was previously located on my front porch so I could monitor any activity.)

I saw that 2 brand new butterflies had formed from pupae made by caterpillars last summer! I wasn't sure they would survive the winter. I took them out into the bright sunshine and removed the screen top while they rested a bit and prepared for takeoff.

First one and then the other spontaneously flapped up and fluttered out of the aquarium that had been their home all winter and aloft they went. I even called the carpenters over to have a look.

4 Responses to “Now my nerves kick in, background check snafu?”

  1. Carol Says:

    I am trying to walk whenever there's a a break in the rain. In fact I better get out there now. Maybe that would help your nerves. Don't blame you a bit for having them. Movie? Lunch with Dad?
    Best of luck!

  2. My English Castle Says:

    A walk does sound like a good idea--so calming.

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    Hey, you weren't counting on this job to pan out anyway. Whatever happens happens! But I've come to realize that good clear writing is just a real asset that people value. Having seen your writing samples I know you can give them good-quality work; whether they think the style is right for their client is subjective. Chances are if they didn't think it was right, they'd give you notes to help you get closer to what they were looking for vs. just saying "I hate it!"

  4. PatientSaver Says:

    Thank you all. Ceejay, you are kind. I'm guessing there will be rounds of edits as it's tough to nail it on the first draft.

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