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Getting ready

May 3rd, 2017 at 04:38 pm

So I'm trying to knock things off before my contract job starts. I haven't heard from my manager there since last week (he was supposed to email an update Monday) so I will email him tomorrow to see if they have a firm start date for me yet.

In the meantime, my replacement carpenters are coming tomorrow at 8 a.m. I was wanting to have my dad over for lunch, just so he could hang out with me and I wouldn't have to be alone with 2 new carpenters, but dad moves pretty slowly and would probably in the way just trying to get in the house. So I guess I won't do that.

I was able to switch a dentist appointment I had for tomorrow to this afternoon instead, so it was good to get that out of the way. My dentist likes to get to know all his patients and actually keeps notes on things, so when I came in today he mentioned that last we spoke I was in a jobs transition and was I still. I said yes, yada yada yada. He's a nice guy. He plans guitar in a band with his grown son at local bars when he's not doing dentistry. I'd like to see him play sometime.

When I go to pay, i told the woman I no longer had dental insurance and would just pay out of pocket. Umm, I knew it would be a lot but I didn't realize it would be $195. She said she would check with the dentist to see if he would waive his fee (so I'd just have to pay for the cleaning). I'm pretty sure he did that for me once before but had forgotten about it. I am crossing fingers she will call me back to say she will refund me some of the money I paid. That would be nice.

May is the nicest time of year at my home. I look outside my office window and see a gorgeous old apple tree with a canopy filled with white flowers. There's also 2 white dogwoods, a salmon azalea and so much more to come with the enormous viburnums I've got around here and the rhodies. Today was my first mowing, but he's only doing it every other week, so it will cut my bill in half.

It's getting down into the 30s tonight so as a precaution, I took plastic sheets, tarps and some plastic pots turned upside down to cover tender plants just coming up. I can't cover everything, but at least I can ensure a few things don't get zapped by frost.

I went to Macys and Kohls two days ago and spent more than I should have on a bunch of tops and shoes but I felt that I had nothing to wear and the insidious weight creep makes everything feel a little more snug than I like.

Yet I hate to get rid of most things in case I can lose weight, so as a result, my 3 closets are always bulging with clothes I don't wear. Maybe I should fold up a bunch and put them in an underbed storage container. I have one of my mother's; I just was never in the habit of storing clothes under the bed.

Tomorrow while the carpenters are here I plan to make a wheat berry salad I can bring to my workday lunches, and a fruit salad. It's quite possible they won't want me to start til Monday, or even later, but I like to be prepared.

It's been really nice this past week not having to do any freelance work for the education place. The problem with that work is that the work takes a long time to do and you "feel" extremely busy, yet the pay doesn't reflect that. There's a danger you'll allow yourself to just keep doing that once you get into the rhythm of it, but it's not enough to cover all the bills.

I redeemed earned rewards from US Bank credit card for $108 in statement credit.

Have been enjoying sitting out on my little sun room with the kitties. The afternoon sun this time of year is very nice, not too hot. Hummingbirds are already back at the feeder, and I've also seen rose-breasted grosbeak and a flycatcher buzzing around here. I repotted some cacti I purchased at the show in April. I have one succulent called Horse's Teeth that is putting out a skinny tall stem I presume will be a flower. Very exciting. Can't wait to put out certain plants for the season to reclaim some much needed room indoors, particularly in my bathroom.

I bought a butane grill lighter to see if I could use it to burn the grease/oil stains off my pavers. It didn't work. I suspect the flame is not strong or hot enough. I may try a propane torch yet though that's more money, like at least $20.

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