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Holiday details

December 20th, 2016 at 09:31 pm

So as we approach the final few days before Christmas, I'm not very overloaded with things to do, fortunately. Aside from small gifts for my cousin and the German pastor who helped me with family research, I only bought for my father, and even that will surely elicit protests.

My cousin, by the way, loved the key fob I had made out of my grandmother's old silverplate set.

I got a matching pair (1 for each of us). It also has special meaning becus we both loved my grandmother, and it was from her set.

The package of nuts and chocolates also reached Germany safely and he was very appreciative. The shipping greatly exceeded the cost of the purchase.

I'm planning a modest brunch for Christmas Day and have mapped out the game plan prior to then, as far as cleaning the downstairs and the food prep. I'm making a salmon corn chowder, a cranberry quick bread, some chocolate-dipped strawberries and some tapioca-chia pudding, but everything else will not be "homemade."

I'll have Trader Joe's crabcakes, veggie rolls, faccacia bread with a roasted onion/garlic spread and my one concession to my very picky, meat-eating friend, some of those mini hot dogs with mustard. So mostly finger foods.

I would love to display my grandmother's 1975 Christmas tablecloth, with its sequins and beads, but I don't dare use it on the table lest someone should spill something. I could only spot clean it. It's a family heirloom at this point but I never get a chance to enjoy it becus I don't even have a couch over which to put it. It's in remarkably good shape, considering its age (41 years) and numerous beads and such that could become loose or lost. I remember this fondly from many Christmases; it's so bright and garish and, well, a little over the top, but I loved it.

She even stitched her name and the date on it.

I downloaded my new Roots Magic program but have to figure out how to easily export my Ancestry data to it; having to do it all manually would suck up a huge amount of time.

If you're not getting too tired of hearing about my family research, I have found 4 new cousins and learned that my great uncle (grandma's brother) is alive and well at 89. It was very exciting; we thought maybe he died. He's the last of my grandmother's many siblings...she was the oldest, and he was the second youngest.

I've been corresponding with a daughter of his. We want to visit him/them in Philly, but now that it's cold and maybe snowy, we may wait til spring. Will have to consult with dad. It would be a 3-hour drive.

13 Responses to “Holiday details”

  1. Carol Says:

    That tablecloth is so fun-- could you hang it like people hang quilts?

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    The tablecloth is pretty large, large enough to cover a standard-sized rectangular table. It's made of felt, and I'd be concerned that hanging it from something would stretch it out.

    Plus, I have absolutely no wall space left since all of my mother's art hangs all over the house.

  3. bluesfemme Says:

    I love us those reminders of Christmas times with loved ones Smile Could you possibly get a clear plastic tablecloth, so you can see it and smile fondly, but it's protected?

  4. bluesfemme Says:

    I love *using

  5. PatientSaver Says:

    That's not a bad idea, if i could find CLEAR plastic....

  6. Carol Says:

    I think Bed and Bath used to have the clear covers.

  7. snafu Says:

    Thank you for sharing your grand's hand made Christmas tablecloth. I'm certain your grandmother made it to use it and have her grand daughter use and enjoy it with her guests in the future. If you don't use it, who would use and enjoy gran's work?

    If you can't get a decent clear, protective vinyl cloth at BB&B I suggest calling any of the fabric stores within reasonable distance. It may not fit your exact dimension but covering the table top sounds reasonable with no kiddies. I know the 3 oz type from W/Mart are more like dry cleaner weight and not practical.

  8. PatientSaver Says:

    Good ideas...thx! I will call BB&B tomorrow and if not try Walmart.

  9. Susan H Says:

    what about protecting it with a clear shower curtain? i hope you get to use the tablecloth- it would be a shame to keep it hidden away.

  10. PatientSaver Says:

    Carol, thanks for suggesting that. I was in and out of BB&B in about 10 minutes. Vinyl can be stinky, though, so I unfolded it and am airing it out on the hood of my car.

    It should work well, and I hope to having the tablecloth on the table tomorrow so I can enjoy it for a few days...thanks!

  11. PatientSaver Says:

    I have to return the plastic tablecloth. It stinks..Bad enough that I can smell it when i walk into my dining room.

    I tried airing it outside on the hood of my car for hours, but didn't help. Can't imaging subjecting my guests to that smell inches from their face.

    Contemplating going out to Target, walmart to see if they have PVC-free alternative. Stores were supposed to phase PVC out years ago becus of liver toxicity of these chemicals, but I guess they haven't. Sigh.

  12. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That is a beautiful tablecloth. My first thought were more along the lines of your cats and the tablecloth, than someone spilling a drink on it. Smile I hope you're able to find a way to protect it.

  13. Carol Says:

    Good luck with the plastic and I hope your party is fun for you! Merry Christmas!

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