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Closed 2 credit card accts today

December 6th, 2016 at 06:19 pm

The ones I closed, quite honestly, were ones I opened simply to earn the reward bonus. I'm trying to keep the number of cards in my wallet to a manageable amount, but before closing these, I counted over 10, and that's too much!

Amx Blue Cash Everyday: will keep this one always as it's one of the 2 oldest cards I have and helps keep my credit score healthy.

USAA VIsa: Ditto the of my oldest cards; it doesn't even have any rewards program so i just use it once every other month, just to keep it active.

Discover: I can get 5% back on Amazon or Walmart online.

Bank of America: I think I'm down to 4 BOA cards now after cancelling one. Two of these benefit environmental charities, which I like. Another is just a very good all round rewards card and the other one, for get....

AARP Visa: I decided to keep this one becus they gave me a ridiculous $15,000 credit line, so this again would help with my spend-to-credit ratio compared to, say, a $5,000 credit card.

Capital One: As soon as I get my rewards check in the mail, I'll cancel this one, though I am very fond of the personalized design, a peacock feather. Frown

TD Bank: Plan to cancel this one soon but I do have a small rewards balance on it, so maybe I'll wait...

I'm hoping closing 2 cards at once won't affect my credit score much. I drag my feet cancelling them, party because I feel "guilty" for doing so and partly because I hate having to deal with customer service, especially when I know "Retention" is going to ask why I'm cancelling, and I get impatient (me bad).

Still using the tracking device on my car, and so far, I've earned a 15% reduction in car insurance premium. It started out at around 22% savings, and I would very much like to get back to that range. I hope that as I continue driving with no further "hard braking" incidents that the savings will increase.

I'm thinking of having Christmas breakfast at my place. It will give me a reason to decorate, which I plan to do this Friday.

Maybe oatmeal in the slow cooker, to keep it warm, with lots of fruit, nut and seed toppings plus agave or maple syrup, and maybe a home-baked quick bread. I have so many good recipes, like lemon-pumpernickel, for one.

Not sure what else, but NO eggs or bacon, dad, and no pancakes/waffles, either. Any suggestions?

2 Responses to “Closed 2 credit card accts today”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I generally send a secure message on my online credit account when I want to close. I've even done this on behalf of my husband. The only one that is hard to cancel online is American Express. And they did offer us $75 in travel expenses to stay. Sort of wish we did take it but now it's closed, so it's fine.

    We have USAA Visa Rewards...and it has cash rewards. Just 1%. It's one of our older cards too.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm dragging my feet on closing cards too - although I did make some forward progress this week by redeeming most of my rewards points (50k for a $500 student loan check) on the Citi Thank you card. I'm waiting to get it to the $50 mark to redeem the rest, then turn it into the no annual fee 2% cashback card.

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