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Mundane details of my Wednesday

October 26th, 2016 at 11:40 pm

Today's big event was driving about 50 minutes northeast to do a one-on-one focus group concerning a new app my health insurer is working on. I earned $100.

On the way home I stopped at Shop Rite and the bank to deposit some checks.

Since temps are dipping below freezing tonight, I brought the rest of my outdoor potted plants in the garage. I should really dig up the 2nd elephant ear since when I left it in the pot a few years ago it just rotted. When I dug up the first one (actually a lot of work) there were probably a dozen little baby bulbs I broke off, but I imagine they will only produce small elephant ears.

I blew a bunch of leaves in the driveway into a corner and hopefully will collect them all and dump them in a corner of the yard tomorrow. I used the B& D blower (aka cordless sweeper), which I absolutely LOVE using. It took an otherwise time-consuming chore of sweeping the driveway...if I had to sweep the whole 85 feet it would take over an hour....with the blower it takes about 5 minutes. The only part that's still manual is picking up the leaves, dropping them in the wheelbarrow and dumping it elsewhere. I suppose I could actually just blow them halfway down the driveway and then across the lawn into brushy area.

The only tricky thing is blowing leaves off stairs. They tend to get all over the place.

This a.m. I wrapped up a job application to the employer of Liz, here at SA. I've been in email communication with a recruiter there and hope to get a phone interview next. How cool would it be to land a job through a fellow blogger here?

Today I ate: granola with almond milk, 1/2 cup fresh blackberries, 2 cups hot tea, a bowl of vegan chili, a small head of steamed broccoli, a Della cotta squash, an apple, a piece of fruit leather, a tofu ice cream sandwich, a handful of macadamia nuts, a Kashi granola bar and some spinach garlic crackers with guacamole. I'm still hungry.

I got my Right Trak car tracking gadget from Safeco Insurance. Potential to save up to 30% as a good driver. I plugged it in and as soon as I activate it by driving a little, that will trigger an email to me telling me how I can find the website where I can track my progress over the next 3 months of driving and see how much I'm saving. Oh, what fun! I will try to drive like a little old lady!

I've been spending probably too much time watching TV and on the computer. So easy to pass the hours that way. I should be getting another freelance editing project within the next 2 days.

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