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Potential big art sale

September 30th, 2016 at 12:24 am

So tonight I went to an after work hours retirement party for someone I barely knew at the bank; I usually shy away from these sorts of things, but i was touched that my old boss thought to invite me, so I went. And I did enjoy seeing all the old familiar faces, along with a number of people who, like me, had been laid off, some much earlier than me, who had already found new work.

The party was at a brand new brewery in a bad part of town, but there was plenty of security in the parking lot and apparently one of them even followed me to my car in the far end of the parking lot. I had parked in a cornerr and was nearly boxed in and so as I was backign out I saw the security guy standing right there, ready to help.

I left there feeling recharged and upbeat after seeing all the old coworkers. I began thinking again about an interesting article Dido posted on Facebook about introverts who don't like to mingle at these social functions. The article said that maintaining relationships with family is the easy part; the harder part is maintaining relationships with friends, and that we spend the majority of our time with casual friends and acquaintances. Which really is true. Most people don't have a ton of best friends.

I also got a call tonight from a gallery where my mother's work has been; she said a man who was familiar with my mother's work was looking at some of my mother's weavings in the shop, and asked to see more. She's pretty sure he'll end up buying something. So I'm heading up there tomorrow with 6 or 7 other tapestries he may like. Smile

Then I got an email from another gallery where she was asking me to pick up most of the small stuff I have there, except for 2 items, and that if I wanted to bring some new stuff to switch out, I could do that. Not sure how much more small stuff I can bring up there (I donated a lot) and I can't bring the larger stuff becus the prices would exceed the price range of her shop. She does also have a small check for me so something sold.

So tomorrow I'll be running around. I want to stop at BJs on the way back and also fill up the gas tank at BJs, using my Amex card as it will be last day of their 10% back gas station promotion.

3 Responses to “Potential big art sale”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    DH helpfully pointed out to me the other day that I don't have any friends anymore. There's people I talk with at church, or maybe go walking with once in awhile, or keep in sort of touch on FB ... but no one I really *talk* with anymore or hang out with (like going to a movie or something.) People are just so busy with their own lives ... It's hard to maintain friendships, but even harder to make them (for me at least.)

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    That is so true, FrugalTexan. I used to have a friend, who I met at a job, who lives in my hometown. Whenever I called her to get together for lunch (or sometimes we went to dinner with her husband), she seemed happy to hear from me and happy to accept the invite, but i did notice over time that she NEVER called me. It made me start to wonder if she was genuinely glad to see me, so i must say i gradually stopped calling her. I mean, if she made the effort to pick up the phone just once, I would probably be fine with it.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Yep. That's part of why I've lost touch with former friends. I realized that I was the one making all the effort, and decided to stop and see what happened. And ... I don't remember the last time one of them called me or emailed me. Sigh.

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