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Big art sale!

September 30th, 2016 at 06:20 pm

I dropped off some more woven tapestries of my mother's at a certain art gallery first thing this morning, before the rain began. The gallery owner had told me there had been a certain man looking at my mother's woven pieces in the gallery, and she told me to bring more in; she was pretty certain he was going to buy something.

It took us some time to decide on the pricing. The prices we agreed on were quite a bit lower than my mother's prices and I did feel a little guilty doing that, but I do need to move some of this art out, I don't want to spend a lifetime doing so and I do know my mother changed her prices quite a bit.

The gallery owner called me back this afternoon. As soon as I left, she called the man who had been interested in the weavings and he went back to the shop very quickly. He wound up buying 7 pieces!

The gross sale was $2,785, and after the gallery owner takes her 30%, I'll net $1,950, which I'm pleased about.

For me, though, it's not really about the money, though of course I welcome it, especially not working right now. It's more about moving some of this art out, making room in my home and knowing that new people will enjoy the art. That's what it was created for. In my home, I daydream about having the room someday to really highlight certain favorite pieces I have, but right now there is just so much here I can't do that.

Here's one of the tapestries that sold: Village at Sunset.

Mom would have been very excited about this sale. Whenever she sold something, she would always call me to tell me about it and then I'd ask her to describe which one it was, how much it sold for and how much she netted. It often made her day.

The pieces were purchased by a man who loves art, especially abstract art, and happens to own 2 area nursing homes. The pieces he purchased would go in a conference room and perhaps some offices. He especially liked mom's weavings, as opposed to her woven paintings or paper construction or oils.

There was also a smaller sale ($135) to a customer who had purchased my mother's art before, and before the customer moved to Florida, he came in and bought some more of mom's art to take with him..

I'll head back up to the gallery on Tuesday to collect a check. Smile

After I dropped off the tapestries at the first gallery, I went to the 2nd gallery and picked up some very small stuff that hadn't sold, and she accepted 3 new pieces which we priced together. I also got a small check from this gallery, which takes a 40% commission.

So I'm pretty happy, although I do feel a certain sense of loss and sadness that I'll never see those sold pieces again. It's irrational because at the same time I KNOW I must make room in my home and I can't hang onto everything.

Got the results back from yesterday's blood test. I tested negative for Lyme disease but was instructed to continue taking the antibiotics I just started. It's possible the test was taken too early for the Lyme to show up and it could also be one of the other tickborne illnesses, which she didn't test for. I'm to repeat the blood test in 7 to 10 days if I'm still feeling headachey.

6 Responses to “Big art sale!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm happy for you! Art stirs an emotional response, even more when it's your mother. Focus on how excited she would have been and how much appreciated the art must be for this buyer.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    How fortuitous about that fellow coming and buying so much. Yahoo!

  3. Carol Says:

    I think you should feel so glad to have appreciative buyers for your mom's art. Just seems so wonderful to me. I am sure you have pictures to remind you. Anyhow I think it's great that you were able to sell some.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That is good news!

  5. Dido Says:

    I love that tapestry you photographed. My mother also wove, but the only piece of hers that I own was one of her very early attempts of the Basset Hound my family had when I was a child--not her best work. I now own my mother's loom and hope to try my hand at it during retirement. Congrats on the successful sale, and I hope the headache is resolved soon.

  6. PatientSaver Says:

    Thank you, creditcardfree and Carol, for your sage comments. Dido, in hindsight, I did like the one shown above more than the others I brought to the gallery, but I did not anticipate the buyer buying more than a single item and I figured the odds were I would still have it at the end of the day. But it's ok, I still have tons of art. I didn't know you still had your mom's loom; that's very interesting. You could probably find a local weaving club where you could pick up tips.

    And actually, I'm lucky I have the photo! I had it becus i had photographed some items to email another gallery owner but the request from the first one where i sold the stuff was kind of rushed and I didn't have time to photograph everything i brought up there like i usually do, if only to document what they have. She is completely trustworthy but still, i got a little lazy on that score.

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