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Saturday doings

March 19th, 2016 at 08:51 pm

There's a new restaurant in town. If you look down at the far end, my street starts in between the end of the building and the white steepled church you see. Yes, I could walk here. This is a real foodies restaurant Smile Can't wait. They even have a standalone bakery behind the restaurant, where a small florist used to be. This is a very old building and they did a beautiful job renovating it.

Oh, my carrot ends are sprouting leaves!

The leaves are edible and would be good in a soup or salad. Use the stub ends of organic carrots you would normally throw away and just let them soak in about an inch of water. It will take about 2 weeks before they begin to sprout leaves. I refresh the water frequently. Just a fun experiment to keep my spring-searching soul occupied.

After yoga this morning, I filled up the gas tank, returned something at BJs, picked up another matted piece of my mother's I had framed (see below) and then used a $50 gift card at Whole Foods.

This is Galaxy.

Came home, read the paper and went out to dinner with dad. It's fun trying out new restaurants with him. He's partial to diners but about half the time we enjoy a great meal.

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  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    The restaurant looks gorgeous! Sounds like a great day.

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