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Walking in mom's footsteps

February 23rd, 2016 at 11:01 pm

A woman from a local arts group in my mother's town called me back after I'd asked last week if I could exhibit some of my mother's work in their upcoming non-juried spring show with the theme of "flowers."

They had already told me yes, but i was just trying to get more details, like when the drop-off date is. I also knew I'd need to become a member ($30).

I was so taken by surprise when the woman who called back said that while they don't allow the work of a deceased person to be entered in a juried show (they have 1 juried show this spring, and 1 in the fall), she invited me to do a solo show of my mother's work this fall. A solo show is kind of special.

Not only that, but the board decided that the big juried show this fall would be dedicated to my mother's memory, and while I couldn't have my mother's work actually entered in that show, she said I could select 1 to 3 pieces to hang in the front lobby, with her bio, and it would also go in their program.

My mother was very well known at this group. I was so blown away, and touched. Of course I started getting choked up. I so wish she was here to enjoy this and I can only hope that somehow, she can.

I think this is one of those groups that might not get a lot of people from the general public coming in to see their shows. I don't really know, but am just guessing that. Especially with a non-juried show, you can safely assume the caliber of the work will be somewhat less than a juried show. So i rather doubt i will sell my mother's work in either of the 2 shows they've invited me to enter, but I'm still going to do it anyway, becus mom would be so happy to do it if she were alive. And I don't want her, or her work, to be forgotten, as I've said before.

I remember how much work the 31-piece show at the spa was last October, so in the solo show this fall, I won't have that many. I may also have to enlist someone with a vehicle to transport larger pieces that won't fit in my Honda.

Anyway, I'm very excited and it's something to look forward to. It's really lifted my spirits. As a writer, I will offer to do the PR for the shows.

I really do feel like I'm walking in my mother's footprints, going where she's gone before, meeting so many people, mostly for the first time, who knew her and were a part of her life. It's a strange sensation because by meeting these people, I learn a little more about my mother that I never knew before.

7 Responses to “Walking in mom's footsteps”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    It's wonderful that your mother is being remembered in this way.

  2. Jenn Says:

    What a neat experience for you and a wonderful tribute to your Mom!

  3. mjrube94 Says:

    That's great!

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    What a great way to honor your mom's memory.

  5. VS_ozgirl Says:

    That's really wonderful for your mother to have a show in her honour!

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    What a wonderful gift to experience the enthusiasm and support from her friends and colleagues.

  7. livingalmostlarge Says:

    That's amazing. Wow it's so great that they are allowing a solo show. I hope to see photos of her work you decide to show. I love seeing it.

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