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Was it something I ate? Garage door woes.

December 9th, 2015 at 02:43 pm

I decided to work at home again today, a day I normally head into the office.

I had a stomachache most of the day on Tuesday at the office. Yesterday I felt okay but this morning, AS SOON as I got up, I was in the bathroom like 4 times. Maybe an intestinal bug or something.

Although I do also remember eating last night about a third cup of older hummus with some crackers. I like to buy the extra large size containers of hummus at BJs and I have had them grow mold and go bad on me in the past. This container was 75% used, and while I didn't see any mold, there was a portion of it, in hindsight, where the texture looked a little different, kind of the way melted ice cream looks after it refreezes. I'm wondering if this was "pre-mold."

But being frugal and not liking to throw food out, I ate it. Now I'm wondering if that's behind my digestive issues, although that being said, I did also have that day long stomachache on Tuesday, before I touched the hummus. Oh well. I guess I'd better throw the hummus out.

I walked last Sunday with a new Meet Up group I joined. About six signed up to go but it wound up being just me and one other woman. It didn't bother me as it gave us a chance to get to know each other better than if we'd had a larger group. I plan on continuing on with the group with weekend walks, both for the exercise and maybe some free therapy.

Sold a bit of yarn last night and hope to sell some more today.

My 8-year-old garage door opener stopped working a few weeks ago and when a new battery didn't do the trick, I went to Sears and bought a new one. I programmed the code myself and got it to work. Feeling so proud. I use it infrequently, though, and when I tried to use it the other day, it didn't work again. Strange, since it worked before. I rechecked the code thing on the back and also could see that the thing was lighting up when i pushed the button, telling me the battery was fine. I'm also able to open the garage door by pushing the button inside the garage. So it would seem there's still something wrong with either the code or the opener I just bought.

I did also notice that the light bulb on the garage ceiling is out. I don't think there should/would be any relationship between the light and the garage door opener operation, but just for the heck of it i will make a point to change that lightbulb to see. I do remember from a previous time that a CFL bulb doesn't work in there; it has to be an old incandescent bulb, and of course i threw all of them out a month ago when i was trying to clean out a kitchen cabinet above my fridge. I figured I had no use for them. I just hope i can get the garage door opener working.

I got an $8,000 bill for my mother's first month at Masonicare skilled nursing. It made me sick to my stomach, even though this was expected and part of the plan to spend down my mother's life savings until we can put her on Medicaid.

2 Responses to “Was it something I ate? Garage door woes.”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm sorry to hear about your stomach issues. Maybe you've got a touch of stomach flu?

    Could the garage door/light have something to do with an electricity problem, or maybe some kind of breaker? (No real knowledge .. just guessing. Big Grin )

    Walking with the meetup group/person sounds like a great idea. That'd be great if there was something like that here.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you are feeling better. There is a bug going around here with stomach issues and lasts about a day or so. Still a miserable thing.

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