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Random bits of nothingness

December 4th, 2015 at 06:28 pm

From time to time I hear from someone who knew my mom and they ask how she's doing. Today, it was her accountant; for years, she bartered with him, trading art for a tax return. Smile I will have him do her taxes again this year but I will just use cash. I thought of suggesting it, as I'd love to get rid of more of her work, but I don't know his tastes or whether he even has room for more.

Sadly, one of her significant love interests years ago, who I spoke to twice prior to his trip to Florida for cataract surgery, never called again after he promised he would call my mom. I suppose he could have tried, but since she's in a different place now, he wouldn't have been successful.

In hindsight, I can see even more clearly how upsetting and depressing it would be for him. I am sure he prefers to remember her as she was in those days when they dated and he squired her around Manhattan to museums and theater. At this point, she would not be able to have a conversation with him.

I have more or less recovered from my long drive home last night and am really looking forward to the weekend with not TOO much planned.

I am planning on going to my first "Meet up" walk with a few women who formed a group in neighboring town. I walk a lot myself, but if I could go with a group, for some friendships and heck, get some free therapy, all the better. It's at 9 a.m. on Sunday, a little early but I guess I can make the effort.

This time of year I love going to all the little church bazaars, fairs, holiday craft shows, etc. I like homemade stuff. There's one tomorrow I will hit that I may have gone to once before.

I vaccuumed today and got that out of the way. I also want to go to BJs tomorrow, caulk under a bathroom window where I felt a draft and find a post office that has a medium-sized tube box so I can ship some more weaving accessories to someone who wants them.

I guess most other things in my life are on auto pilot. Umm, I finally got around to setting up a downstairs lamp on a timer so the house is not pitch black when i get home from work.

I need to get an electrician out here...maybe i will call today to outlet I use a lot in the garage is suddenly not working (mice?) and the same with my attic lights.

3 Responses to “Random bits of nothingness”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Certainly sounds like life is a little calmer for you. And setting the lamp on an auto-timer sounds like a good idea Smile

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    An auto-timer for a lamp is a good idea. I might look into that myself.

  3. alice4now Says:

    Sometimes the auto-pilot stuff can be very therapeutic.

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