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Snow beginning to stick & another credit card deal

November 26th, 2014 at 02:53 pm

It began snowing right on schedule, around 8 a.m.. It was more like rain when it started, but it has since changed over to snow.

I am snug like a bug in my house. I could've done some grocery shopping beforehand, but this storm won't be sticking around. I hope to start shoveling this evening.

One good this is that there is no wind associated with this storm. When it winds down, there will only be about 11 mph winds. I always worry about falling trees as I have had a lot come down over the years. At least the 2 big ones towering over the house are gone: the white pine was sheared off at its trunk during Hurricane Sandy and it came down frighteningly close to the house; the other tree, a giant ailanthus, I had taken down a year ago.

After taking advantage of the Amex/Petco 50% off deal, I also signed up for Visa Checkout, which simply expedites the checkout process when you're buying something online. The reward for signing up is a $10 prepaid Visa card from Bank of America.I have 3 BOA cards (planning on cancelling one of them soon) but I can only get one prepaid Visa card as a reward.

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  1. nhgirl1970 Says:

    I had to go out. Be careful shoveling. It is very heavy, wet snow.

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