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Blah, humbug

August 30th, 2014 at 09:49 pm

Oh, where's my energy today? Being vegan, most of the time I have plenty of energy. Today, not at all. I'm wondering if possible mild dehydration is the cause, as I haven't really drunk too much today except for tea. I kept trying to nap without ever really nodding off because my neighbor was mowing and then Waldo kept jumping on me.

I did manage to get my $10K CD taken care of this am, but the State Farm agent who did it didn't know what he was doing and had to call for support to walk him thru the screens online. Patience is NOT one of my strong suits, and I was getting very impatient. Especially since this same thing happened last year when I got another IRA CD from him!

But he made up for it as I was walking out his office and we had a very nice conversation about investing and a few other things. He's very personable.

I also managed to get the $30 I was charged for a door measuring that never happened to be credited by Home Depot. However, it was a prolonged, unpleasant process. I called them last night and was finally told I had to talk to customer service and was transferred, but of course no one answered the phone. I got them early this morning at 8 a.m. but she still put me on hold THREE friggin' times!

So I'm back to square one with the door.

I stopped at the local Windowland showroom to look at entry doors, but turns out the place is now called something else and was bought by the employees of the old Windowland. Not sure when that happened, but they seemed very disorganized. And they had NO wood entry doors to look at so I spent all of 5 minutes there.

I will try Angie's List next.

Then it was on to Staples, where I wanted to get 2 new ink cartridges for my good-for-nothing Dell printer, which was telling me there was an issue with my printhead, even after I did a "deep clean" of the nozzles. There was still ink left in the cartridges but it was printing all smeary. This printer has multiple problems and I hate it. It's actually a replacement for another Dell printer, same exact model, that was also giving me problems. I have to hand feed the paper one page at a time or it will jam, and I often have to rerun the driver disk just to get it to print becus "Printer does not recognize computer."

So as it turned out they were out of one of the 2 ink cartridges at Staples, and I was worried I'd get home with just the one and it still wouldn't work. A nice young fellow was around and in all of about 3 minutes, with his help, I picked up a Canon printer for I think it was $69 on sale. And it came with the ink. So for the cost of 2 Dell cartridges ($40) plus a few dollars more, I got a whole new printer. He assured me it would be compatible with my Dell, something that had in the past kept me from replacing my stupid printer. When he told me he owned it himself, I decided to go for it.

It's still sitting in the box but hopefully I'll feel motivated to get it up and running sometime this weekend.

I picked up a few groceries at Shop Rite and then came home. It was only noon, but I hardly did anything since then except sweep up a small portion of my driveway where the firewood my dad took left a bunch of debris. I did a teensy bit of weeding and mostly sat in my sun room and watched the many bees going at the white hydrangeas in bloom and my autumn joy sedums, which also really attract bees of all stripes (pun intended). There's not much else in bloom this time of year.

Oh, yeah, I also repotted a small mum plant I bought while at Shop Rite. I had a large ugly plastic pot that had some nice perennials in it along with some tulips, so since I wanted to get rid of the pot, I transplanted the perennials and dug up all the tulip bulbs, which seem to have multiplied. However, I think it's a bit early to plant the bulbs, so will wait a few weeks for that. They'll go near the front door in a protected spot where I know the voles won't get to them.

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I find that when I'm not drinking enough water I feel much more tired than other times. So water sure could be the problem!

    I'm glad you got the window issue sorted with HD, too bad they were so annoying with taking care of it though!

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