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Vital statistics for the month of May

May 31st, 2014 at 12:15 am

I'm happy to report the following vital stats for the month of May:

My total expenses: $1451
My total income: $5529

It was a five-week work month, so my net from my bank job was $4,900. I also made $174 in mileage reimbursement for a meeting in Massachusetts that cost me roughly $35 in gas, $32 in credit card rewards, $202 from freelance writing and $206 from selling plants from my garden.

Net monthly savings: $4,078
I've saved $13,500 for the year!

(I had to adjust this figure downward from $15,000 because the accounts i use to hold my taxable retirement savings are also a parking place for my property tax payments and so i forgot to deduct the $550 I put aside each month for my twice-a-year property tax payments.)

My net worth is now $630,667 and I've already exceeded my net worth goal of $623K for year end. (See sidebar for details.)

Not a bad month all the way around.

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  1. Another Reader Says:

    Wow! Saving $30,000 a year is possible! You may well hit 7 figures and $40,000 in retirement income at the 4 percent withdrawal rate by 60!

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