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Heavy, drenching late night rains

May 17th, 2014 at 03:36 am

It was wet all day and now the heaviest rains are here. It's raining so hard that even though I went to bed a little after 10 am, I now can't sleep as the rain pelts the windows. It's about 11:30 p.m.

So glad the end of the work week is here again.It was another long week. I had to drive up to Dedham, Mass. on Wednesday for a meeting, then drive back home again same day, about 5 hours of driving in all. So that was very tiring.

This weekend I'm getting together with a former biking friend. We'll probably go to lunch and maybe do something else. I seriously need some me time. Also on Sunday I have more people (3) coming over to buy perennials from me. As mentioned earlier, I made $120 from selling perennials I dug up from my garden. The 3 that are coming Sunday are very conveniently all expressing an interest in different things, so maybe I can sell the bulk of what I have to them all. One wants gooseberry and lamb's ears, the other wants astilbe and solomon's seal and the other wants hosta and spreading groundcovers.

One of my two old real estate clients contacted me tonight, wanting to know if I still wasn't able to freelance for them becus I'm busy with the bank job. I hadn't told him that a big part of the reason why i don't want to work for them anymore is because by the time all the taxes are deducted, i really don't wind up with much. But I can't tell him that since there's nothing he can do about it unless he's willing to accept higher fees from me, but i don't think they'd want to pay as much as I want to make!

Certainly now, working f/t at the bank, and doing other freelance on the side, I don't need to work any more. I really have to consciously carve out time on my weekends to do fun stuff, otherwise, i allow myself to get all bogged down in the usual chores and before you know it, weekend's done.

2 Responses to “Heavy, drenching late night rains”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Could use some of that rain here. Smile

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    LF - I was thinking the same thing. Big Grin We have plenty of wind and dust blowing, but no rain.

    PS - I think that's good that you are making sure you have time to recharge. Your health is as important to your finances as making money.

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