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My weekend started out great, last night

March 22nd, 2014 at 05:24 pm

Friday nights for me are a welcome event, but in truth I do absolutely nothing, as the wear and tear of the previous week seems to cumulatively build up so that by the time the end of the work week is upon me, I'm just looking forward to chillin' before the busyness of my weekends begins!

But as for this weekend, I was busy Sunday and M. was busy today, so earlier in the week, he was saying he really wanted us to see each other this weekend (I agree, it helps to keep the momentum going in our fledgling, dare I say, relationship?), so I agreed to head over to his house last night after work.

I was worried I'd be too tired. Which I was, but it was still worth it. He got us a pizza and he had a Netflix movie for us to watch. I got to see where he lived. I very much liked his condo complex in the woods, although inside, it was very much the bachelor pad, in that, well, he's no interior designer.

It was clear that M. doesn't care about possessions; what he does care about are people, relationships and outdoor experiences like skiing, hiking, biking and soon, kayaking. Smile

Anyway, we watched The Tunnel (foreign, with sub-titles, based on a true story about Germans who dug a tunnel to the other side in the 1960s before the wall came down). He asked me more about my dysfunctional tiny family, something I don't really like to talk about, but he seemed to accept it.

This was date #4. I told him that it wasn't until date #3 that I realized he really was interested in me, romantically, becus he was too much the gentleman. And personally, I don't like it when a man "asks" you if it's ok to kiss you cus of course that just makes me nervous. He should just swoop in and do it. I got home after midnight.

I reconnected recently with another guy (Dave), someone who had organized and run a biking group I was very involved in 10 or 12 years ago. This was the guy who, as a teen, was involved in a terrible accident when his friend accidentally shot him in the head with a hunting rifle, in a boat. Becus of his limp, he always had a tough time keeping up with hikers in the larger hiking group we were both involved in, so he began to "recruit" people from the hiking group that he thought would be interested in his little biking group. Because on a bike, he was anyone's equal.

But I drifted away from that group, partly becus he hit on me several times (by planting a big kiss on me) even after I told him I wasn't interested, and when he persisted, it made me uncomfortable, so I just stopped going on the rides. (Everyone else in the biking group knew of his infatuation too, so it made the whole thing even more public and embarrassing.) Over the years, he still called from time to time, always sent Christmas cards, so this past Christmas I finally picked up the phone and we had a nice talk. Then, more recently, I invited him down and I made him a nice beef stew.

I sense that he's lonely. He never remarried after his divorce many years ago. He just retired a year or so ago, from Johnson & Johnson, with a nice pension; he lives in his mother's house. He lived with and cared for his mother until she passed away from dementia and cancer. He wants to get together again, and I think we will. I am coming round to place a greater value on relationships, and not so casually tossing away friendships with people that I've known for a while.

Bumped into a friend at the garden nursery as I was browsing for some birthday gifts. I've avoided calling her becus i was afraid she'd ask how my home improvements went, for which I hired a guy she and her husband had highly recommendedo. (I was extremely unhappy with the outcome in terms of both the workmanship and the price.) I didn't want to have that conversation with her, and really, it had nothing to do with her and her husband, but I knew she would feel bad about it if she knew. But I was happy to see her; she gave me a big hug. She was the person I "job-shared" with at the $12 an hour p/t job I took last year out of desperation. We shared the same desk/cube. She still works there, after I moved on, and she informed me cheerfully that she'd gotten a .40 an hour raise, so now she makes $12.40. She's a retired school teacher in an unhappy marriage.

Then I bumped into my neighbor walking her beagle. We both remarked on how happy we were that spring is here, at least for today.

It's small conversations and interactions like these that make me happy.

Today I'm doing more freelance editing (and tomorrow too). And tomorrow I'm cooking dinner for my sister and mother's birthdays, a delicious lamb stew/casserole that I've cooked a zillion times. Comes out great every time.

4 Responses to “My weekend started out great, last night”

  1. scfr Says:

    Pizza plus Netflix is my idea of a PERFECT Friday evening!

  2. snafu Says:

    Terrific to re-establish friendships. Nice to move your social life forward. That old adage all work and no play....

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    It sounds like you are budding a nice relationship, while also reconnecting with previous acquaintances. A good weekend indeed. Smile

  4. snafu Says:

    Sorry interrupted in mid thought... I wondered if you could imagine yourself living in a condo rather than the responsibility and cost of maintaining house, yard, driveway etc. Do you check Zwillow from time-to-time to see what properties of similar vintage, sf and yard size list for in your community? How large a condo would you find acceptable? Would you prefer a new build?

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