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Can't sleep

February 22nd, 2014 at 09:02 am

It's currently 3:41 am in Connecticut. For some reason, there was a passing snow plow that woke me up, even though it's not snowing and the roads are clear. At least, it sure sounded like a snow plow but I didn't actually get up to look out the window.

After fruitlessly tossing and turning and trying to get back to sleep, I'm "up" and at the computer until I get tired again.

Wrapped up another busy week (and another paycheck) at work. The "honeymoon" period there is over, in that I don't have nearly as much time on my hands as I did the first three months. That's mostly a good thing, as it that can make for a very long day.

Tomorrow, first thing I have to go to the post office to collect my mail and a small Amazon package. They stopped delivering my mail about a week ago without bothering to tell me, but I know it's because the snowpack on the plowed road, which still extends out from the curb a good 2 or 3 feet, prevents the mail man from leaning across the snow to put mail in my mailbox. I guess they don't want to waste time driving up my drive, which is also mostly clear (though still narrow).

Most of my bills I now get an email notice for, although I am expecting a first installment check from a new freelance client, but that will come in today's mail or Monday's mail,neither of which I will be able to get today, and I suspect the mailman still won't deliver mail to my box after today. The warmer temps in low 40s have melted a lot, but still not enough, and then we're in for another cold spell after the weekend. I'm "done" with snow shoveling and will not shovel the street! They want you to shovel an "approach" to the box of 15 or 20 feet so the mail truck can just pull alongside the curb up to the box.

After that it's lunch at my mother's and main reason for going over there is to try to help her with her mounting piles of "paperwork," which she constantly complains about. I suspect my mother has dementia because she is increasingly unable to deal with things like this and her memory is terrible. She will be 80 next weekend.

Then I'm doing my last shop at BJs, before my membership expires end of February. I decided I didn't want to pay the $50 renewal fee, partly because there are a limited number of things I buy there and partly because I bought into the organic farm CSA program this year.

So the stocking up part of it will be focused on things I know are good buys or are favorite foods I can't get elsewhere, like the 44 lb boxes of cat litter for $9. One box lasts about a month for 2 cats and I believe I have 5 boxes in the basement, so the goal is to get another 7 boxes so I'm good for a year, by which time I may wish to rejoin BJSs. I'll also get more nuts, raisins, Paul Newman's salad dressing (huge savings there), Truvia and bean burritos.

The only thing I'll miss saving on, on an ongoing basis, is the huge clamshell boxes of organic salad greens and their low-priced gas. I may occasionally ask my mother to go with me to Costco, where she has a membership.

I got my Discover $150 reward promptly deposited to my checking account shortly after I paid off the 2nd statement, after I'd met the spend target. Nice. I also billed another client for a small amount and see that he already paid me thru PayPal. Thanks Andy.

Sunday it's a 2nd lunch date with The Bachelor. We rescheduled from last weekend because I had too much freelance work to do and also had cold feet (even though he seems incredibly nice). Maybe we'll do a casual walk in the area if it's warmish, which it's supposed to be.

3 Responses to “Can't sleep”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Hope you manage to get back to sleep.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Enjoy your date! Great plan for stocking up before the membership expires. Nice to know the Discover rewards can be deposited to the checking account. That makes it fast!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I get my cat litter from Costco - much better value than anywhere else.

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