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A work at home day

January 30th, 2014 at 08:36 pm

Today is one of those rare work at home days, this time necessitated by a middle-of-the-day visit with my neurologist, who I see once a year unless I'm having MS problems.

I'm not having any issues, so I just asked him to write a year-long prescription that could be divided into three quarterly refills so I don't have to deal with the monthly refills, which, believe it or not, is a pain. Although my new ACA health plan has the patient paying 30% coinsurance, not a flat fee, the pharma company that makes my meds is picking up most of the bill so I only have to pay $35 a month.

Truth be told, I really don't like working on the company-issued laptop. It may be perfectly fine for someone who's mostly checking email, but as a writer, I find the tiny screen much too small; I often like to have 2 word docs open side by side, and that's just not possible when you're squinting at a tiny screen.

Of course, I would never complain about this because this is what enables me to work at home on occasion. Smile

Restructuring at my company has already begun. A few weeks ago, the head of our dept. was fielding questions from employees about layoffs and other possibilities. Little did any of us know that he would be the first to be let go. They made the announcement this week, and there are a lot of people now reporting to different managers. So far, it's nothing that affects me personally.

The vegetarianism is still going well. I do have some random pieces of fish in the freezer which I will use up eventually, but otherwise, it's a wholly plant-based diet. I'm doing it whole hog; that is, no meat, poultry, fish, dairy or eggs. Also trying to minimize sugar. I remember diving in like this many years ago when I quit smoking at the age of 21. A bad habit my very best friend introduced to me when I was 16. Fortunately, I didn't stick with it long, but I felt then as I do now that after thinking about it a long time, I needed to just do it, and not halfway.

I was happy to see so many other people here are on the same path.

I sent out a press release today that I did last weekend (freelance) and then billed them for that and the bio I wrote for her. The other realtor's supposed to call me in a little while to discuss revisions to her bio.

It's been too cold to walk outside during my lunch hour at work these past few weeks, but on most days I'll walk the interior stairs, with or without my walking buddy. I usually walk up and down 12 flights, twice. My legs are like jello afterwards, but it certainly gets the heart pumping, which is good, because I usually don't even break a sweat when we walk outside.

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  1. CB in the City Says:

    When I work at home I can use my own computer, but my problem is connecting to my work computer. I get kicked out continuously, so it's a real pain.

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