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My first week at the job

October 12th, 2013 at 01:41 am

I wrapped up my first abbreviated (3-day) week at the bank job.I think it's gone pretty well.

Today was day 3, and I was definitely busy today. The people are fairly nice, though I haven't met that many yet.

The security measures and ID badges and parking badges are all kind of a pain. I'm supposed to take my laptop home with me every night so no one steals it, and with my purse and my lunch bag, it's just one more thing to lug.

Otherwise, today I was glad to get my final paycheck from the real estate contract job, but just as quickly I had to pay a big credit card bill and pay off the new hot water heater I just bought. My checking account is looking very sparse right now with just about $3k in it.

I was hemming and hawing about whether I would keep the appointment I made for this Tuesday with a Lyme disease specialist, as my headaches have improved but I am still getting them, though not as much.

I was reluctant to go thru with it since I'll have to pay him $300 out of pocket because he doesn't accept my state health insurance, and there will likely be more charges associated that if he repeats the blood test or does something else to try to determine if it's Lyme or something else causing my headaches. I am fairly sure it is Lyme because the ELISA blood test my PCP used only has a sensitivity (accuracy) rate of 65%, which means that 35% of patients will have a false negative test. (I tested negative on the Lyme.) However, I was still treated with antibiotics and I'm still having headaches. From what I've read, if you have a co-infection, which isn't uncommon, meaning not just Lyme but another tick-borne illness, then it's harder to treat and you'll likely need more than the standard 4 weeks of meds.

But anyway...I am going to the doc appt as I had to decide so I could tell my new manager about it. Monday is a bank holiday so I had to tell her today about that appt as well as another one the following week, for my eyes. She was fine with it, though I am anxious to try to make up the lost time as I really need the money. I also have a furnace cleaning but I think i will (reluctantly) leave access to the garage open and then lock the door at top of basement stairs. It's just one of those locks where you pull the metal bar across into the slot, but it would prevent them from perhaps secretly wandering around up here.

With a 10:45 am appt, I'll probably not get to the office til 12:30 pm, which means 3.5 hours to make up during the rest of the 4-day week. If I could get in at 8 am each day that week, that would do it, but realistically, I have trouble making it in at 9. I am not good at getting up in the dark.

Speaking of the dark, has anyone else felt it's been relatively easy thus far to have no heat days? I haven't mentioned the annual contest, but I've only turned the heat on 2 nights, I think, when it got a bit too chilly. Otherwise, it's been fairly comfortable, especially given that we're already into mid-October.

#1 on my priority list this weekend: try to fix my lawnmower so I can continue mowing the lawn the rest of the season. I like to mulch the fallen leaves with it too. (Easier than raking.) The wheel was wobbly for a very long time and I tried to remove it, even called Black & Decker, but I couldn't. So i just kept mowing with it getting wobblier and wobblier. I was hoping i could at least finish out the season and then get it fixed at my leisure. But no, it finally broke off last weekend. I also lost a bolt and plastic handle to one of the long screws that keeps the long handle in place.

It's been a real pain having this mower, not becus i don't like it, but becus there is only ONE black and decker dealer in the state, an hour away. He said he'd have to order the wheel, doesn't have it in stock and that when i brought it, i'd have to leave and then come back. I told him i live an hour away; i don't know they'll make an exception for me and meanwhile, i need to cut the grass. They didn't sound like they especially cared.

So although i ordered the wheel through him (without paying), i plan to hit home depot first thing tomorrow and bring the broken off wheel and see if i can find the same size match, then ask my neighbor to help me put it on. I just left a message for them now. I'll also bring the long screw in that needs a bolt at least, just to hold the thing together.

Last spring I also ordered a new blade for it but a friend of mine was unable to install it correctly, so that's something else. Dealer said they'd charge me $30 just to install the blade. I may skip that even though I already bought it. Frustrating.

The B&D website has a bunch of repair places listed, but so far none I called repair the lawnmowers. So this alone is a good reason not to buy another B&D cordless mower, although I like the way they work.

I'm looking forward to not having to get up in the dark tomorrow.

5 Responses to “My first week at the job”

  1. Kiki Says:

    I live in Sacramento so I haven't used the heat yet. In fact, I am sitting outside with the doors and windows open, it is 73 here today. I hope to make it until Christmas before I need to plug in or use the heater. I don't know if I should count using the electric lap blanket for the challenge? It only heats where I use it? I hope to not use it until at least the end of November.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I don't think an electric blanket counts, Kiki! It's not heating the air inside your place, so you're good! I envy you just thinking you might be able to make ti thru

  3. rob62521 Says:

    We haven't had to turn on the heat as well, but we have had some steamy days. I live in the Midwest.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    My heat is turned on for me by the property manager -- but they haven't done so yet. There have been some cool nights, but nothing I can' live with.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I certainly haven't made it with the no heat thing ... I turned the heat on several weeks ago when it was 22 degrees at 8 a.m!

    Glad to hear you are liking your new job!

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