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September 20th, 2013 at 08:05 pm

This was a crazy busy week.

I wrapped up my first of 2 weeks at the real estate job. Very, very busy over there, and I have lots to do, but that's a good thing. The people are nice to work with and I even have my own office.

I think it will look very good on my resume to be able to say I was hired for 2 weeks to help the company transition all its sales lit to the new brand, and among my first day assignments was writing the CEO's bio. I also updated the key brochure used with sellers/buyers, and have been asked to interview a homeowner (who's listed his home at $5 million) for a story they want to pitch to the local paper. So very diversified work, which I really like.

My doctor wanted me to have a CAT scan yesterday for my headaches becus she suspected I have a sinus infection. I had the scan, reluctantly, and the technician told me that while she's not a doctor, my sinuses look perfectly clear. So, likely waste of money, not to mention radiation I'd rather not have.

I will have to chase after the doctor now for the official results. Unless you're there for an appointment, their follow-up is terrible. I have no idea what the next step is, but I can tell you the headaches persist; better on some days, worse on others. Sometimes not like a real headache, just a lower grade pressure. I personally have not ruled out Lyme or some other tick-borne illness, though it appears my doctor has based on the bloodwork.

And the beat goes on.

I had the anticipated interview at the bank for the 10-month contract job there. I think I did pretty well; my only concern is that she doesn't think I'm overqualified or that i might be bored with the work, as it's solely focused on non-marketing customer communications. I sent off my thank you letter earlier and of course the recruiter is anxious to talk to me about how it went. I'll let her call me. She's a little over the top. After my interview with another recruiter at her firm and after scheduling the interview with the hiring manager at the bank, she also wanted to have a special conversation with me to prep for the interview. We did that 2 nights ago. Then this a.m. she calls me again to wish me good luck and make sure I didn't have any questions. Enough already!

This a.m. I also had the company that installed the furnace humidifier come back to fix something in the way they installed it.

When they left after the original install, I noticed my electric hot water heater was leaking. It's 11 years old, so I guess it needs replacement. To expedite matters, I found one on Home Depot and arranged to have them install it today. I was taking the day off from work to get all this stuff done, so it was important that they do it. They were supposed to call this a.m. between 8 and 9 to confirm the installation and let me know whether they'd be coming in the a.m. or pm. They allow themselves a 3-hour block of time, so you have to wait around a half day for them to arrive anyway.

Well, they never called this a.m. and they never showed, either. I finally called at 3 and the woman had no idea what happened, or why they didn't show. She said I'd have to reschedule, by which time, I was about ready to scream.

I was able to reschedule the install for tomorrow, but again, I'm supposed to wait for the confirm call 1st thing in the a.m. I have a 9 am dentist appt, so i hope they call on time.

I wrote a scathing review on the Home Depot site; their message said IF my review is "approved," it'll post in 72 hours. Hmph.

I usually like to bring my lunches to work, but I couldn't think of anything good to make for work lunches last weekend, and so after that first day of work when this woman monopolized the conversation, talking about nothing but her surgery, I decided to head out on my own for lunch each day to the nearby Taco Bell. I'm not a real fan, but they do make a decent bean burrito (sans sauce) which costs just $1, so I kept costs down for the most part.

Had to pay $1.50 in quarters to pay the meter when i went to the bank interview. The guard told me afterwards that i could have parked in the garage and had them validate the ticket. I had ASKED the recruiter about parking, whether the bank had its own parking lot, and naturally she said she didn't know. Hmph.

If I could just get that damn hot water heater installed tomorrow, and get the dental cleaning out of the way, then at least I'll have one full day (Sunday) to relax before returning to work. Then, it'll just be the whole headache thing distracting me from my work.

3 Responses to “Goings on”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Have considered vitamin B-12? ( no need to answer ) Some people become less able to absorb and/or use it as they get older. Deficiency can cause a wide range of symptoms, including headache and Lyme-like symptoms. My sister and I, both in our fifties, have this problem.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope you hear positive news from the bank very soon!

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    Have you have your eyesight checked recently?
    I was also going to suggest a dental visit to see if there is something going on there, but looks like you are already headed there.

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