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Whiling away the time indoors, where itís cooler(??)

July 6th, 2013 at 08:36 pm

Indoor temp is now 85.I am frustrated that no matter what I do, it always heats up inside, whether Iím closing windows and/or drapes or keeping windows open with drapes drawn. Doesnít really make much difference either way. It is true that I have alwys had minimal windows treatments here as I have plenty of privacy. Some windows have valances only, some have wood shutters and some have vinyl binds (which I hate). Soon will have bamboo shades in the sun room. If I had money to spare, Iíd invest in insulated drapes for both hot weather days like this and winter, but for now am making due with the single pair of long insulated drapes I bought years back for frrench doors. I have closed off most of the upstairs rooms to the cats (except my office, where Iím sitting now). Donít want to close the door at top of stairs cus it will just keep all that heat on first floor.

To while away the time indoors, I spent at least an hour on a most unglamorous job: cleaning my kitchen cabinets and other surfaces. With white cabinets, you can see all the smudges around the knobs, and cleaning like this is not something I do often, but I think I made an improvement using those Mr. Cleanís bleach sponges and some old-fashioned vinegar. I also worked a while cleaning the banisters on the stairs, which tend to get mold spots on them in this weather.
I made some iced tea this a.m. and am just sitting around as I often do in the heat with nothing but a pair of short shorts and a bra on. Iíve been running the ACs more than I usually doÖwondering what the electric bill will look like.

I spent a few hours tidying up the basement yesterday, again, it gave me a reason to stay down there. It could really use a vacuuming down there, but then Iíd dislodge the cats. I have a gazillion cans of half-used paint down there and was able to locate 3 gallons of exterior paint I can recycle next month since I now have vinyl on the house.

I did also manage to vacuum the upstairs, but aside from that, nothing too strenuous. Oh yeah, I did run the soaker hose for about 1.25 hours this morning in the veggie garden. I have lots of green cherry tomatoes and canít wait to start enjoying them. I also suddenly noticed I have yellow wax beans ready for picking. Havenít spent much time in the garden at all, and I really need to do some weeding there and tie up some gangly tomato vines. I did hang a 2nd cucumber beetle trap today.

Been listening to the radio and doing a few odds and ends online. Got paid $68 from my IT client, for editing his memos and emails. The hardest thing Iíll be doing is part 2 of lawn mowing at around 6 pm. Has to be done. Iíll reward myself with an ice cold Beckís beer in a freezer-cold glass.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    It seems like once a house heats up, it stays that way, even with A/C. Hope you have gotten some relief.

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