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Weekend Doings

June 29th, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Later this morning Iím picking up a friend and weíll be visiting 7 private homes as part of my townís annual home and garden tour. Itís really the gardens Iím interested in seeing, but I know the homes will be lovely, too. I imagine they wonít want people taking pictures inside, but perhaps I can sneak in a few outside to show you later. 

I havenít done this in about 15 years. The tickets were $25 each. My friend mentioned that she thought one of the houses was somewhat inaccessible and that it looked like a walk in the woods to the house and she hates insects, not her idea of a good time, yadda yadda yadda. I think sheís entirely mistaken about that house; what she may have thought was a driveway was, I believe, a road. It has been insufferably hot and humid for a week now but we will be in an air-conditioned car and Iím guessing most of these homes are also air-conditioned as well. So please, donít ruin this outing with complaints already. Letís think of it as an adventure. Geez. 

Otherwise, this was pretty much a normal weekend for me. I hit Trader Joeís Thursday, BJs Friday and will be at Caraluzziís after the home and garden tour. For some reason, I never wind up getting everything I need at a single grocery store, even though I always come with a list.

I am thinking next week I will look into getting someone to remove a non-functioning humidifier thatís attached to my oil furnace and replacing it with a new one. When I bought the house, I took the advice of a furnace guy to detach the existing humidifier because it would spew lots of unhealthy mold spores into the air or whatever. I have lived 18 years regretting that decision because in the winter, the air in here is exceedingly dry; I wake up with a sore throat daily and you generally feel a lot colder than you would if there was some humidity.

What made things worse is that the guys who were here at the time cut the plastic tube that carried the water, and at some point later, the water still trapped in that tube leaked out and totally rusted the unit as well as one side of my furnace. It didnít damage the furnace, but itís very unsightly. You just donít see it all unless you walk around behind the unit. Anyway, Iím hoping it can all be replaced and the rust somewhat cleaned up for no more than $500. Weíll see. It would be money well spent. Surely they make humidifiers now with a UV light or whatever that kills mold.

My neighbors behind me lowered the price on their house from $900-something to the high $800s after probably less than a month on the market. They have a gorgeous, 6 bedroom house with 7 acres, but it doesnít help, I would imagine, when the Zillow estimate that appeared on their Patch page with their open house listing valued the house at $580K or in that vicinity! It makes it appear they have grossly over-valued their home. I havenít had a chance to talk to them about that, but I would love to know why they think thereís such a discrepancy.

I bit the bullet and ordered 6 custom-made bamboo shades (with liner) for my sunroom, at a cost of about $316 with coupon. I really, really need these. My sunroom was done about 3 years ago and I have suffered through 3 summers without any kind of window coverings. From June through August, from noon on, it gets too hot in there to enjoy the space. The windows face south and west. And the heat spills over into the family room, warming it up as well. So Iím hoping these shades will really cut down on the heat in there. I canít wait to get them. I hope I can install them myself. Others said installation was easy. I need to borrow a drill.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    We have a humidifier on our furnace and love it in the winter. Ours does not have a UV light but I think those are available. Ours has a water pad that can be replaced yearly to avoid mold. I have never seen mold on the ones we have owned, but have seen it in one on our old house that I insisted be removed before we moved in. You won't regret getting one. I think we paid about $300, to have our installed. The brand is
    Text is Aprilaire and Link is

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    Thanks for that link. Somehow I have a feeling I'll pay more than $300 to have them come out and install it, but I plan to start calling for estimates on Thursday. The literature on the website says mold won't grow in humidity of under 45%, and that's why the Aprilaire won't operate above that amount. You just have to replace the water panel 2x a year, or every 3 months, due to mineral build-up, which would eventually lower the unit's ability to humidify.

    Actually, you must've paid more because I see different brands listed on sears website and most range between $175 and $375 just for the unit. Aprilaire seems like a more premium brand, too.

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