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One More Day of Freedom

May 26th, 2013 at 10:32 pm

I got a lot done today:

1. Went to TJ Maxx to see if I could find some capris or other summer pants for the new job, but found nothing. I had so much better luck at Macy's last week.

2. Mowed the grass.

3. Made a lamb casserole, and since I had the big oven going, I threw in the last of my sweet potatoes and also made a double batch of granola, which tastes better toasted.

4. Got an early start this a.m. with Anita, who shared my job at the p/t proofreading job. We had breakfast and hit an outdoor flea market but that was a bust since it was pretty chilly out and there were hardly any vendors.

5. I vacuumed both floors.

6. I continued editing the Author's 3rd book, Tainted Glass.

Tomorrow is my last day of "freedom." I really need to use the trimmer on the fenced in garden, to keep it in check. But I ran out of string; hopefully, fitting the new replacement string in there is not a big deal.

I see that the zucchini, cucumber and squash seeds I planted never germinated. All this chilly weather may have dashed that from happening. So enough with the seeds, it's Memorial Day Weekend already. Tomorrow I'll pick up some seedlings and plop them in the ground.

I've told 2 of my freelance clients I'm starting the new f/t job. They both handled it well. My #1 client said well, we have a certain rhythm going, you know the business and you have the fastest turnaround, which is so important in this business. So they're fine with me doing their jobs just on weekends. The other client said he was excited for me and that he'd "take what I can get" as far as more limited editing availability.

I want to spend more time perusing my new employer's website to really absorb their "voice."

I'm all organized as far as the car goes, and was able to push back my pick-up day to Friday instead of Thursday. That gives me a little more time to get the new Chase Sapphire Preferred card in the mail. So of the 3 cards I ordered same day, the 1st I already hit the spend target (when I paid for the car deposit), I'm working on the 2nd card right now and will get that 3rd one, the biggie, sometime this coming week.

I have a half a bag of organic potatoes that sprouted and I'm going to plant a few of the spuds in the front yard and see if they take off. There's no more room in the fenced garden, but I'll just plant potatoes anywhere that's sunny and see if the deer/woodchucks overlook them.

10 Responses to “One More Day of Freedom”

  1. snafu Says:

    What is your plan for breakfast and a smooth transition out the door for the first two-three weeks? Will you be brown bagging or taking lunch to heat n eat? I don't know how you feel about eating in your brand new car. If you have a long commute it may be a good plan to keep breakfast bars in the car. Our favorite are home made heart healthy, oatmeal cookies that are often called Breakfast Cookies in recipe books.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I'd really like to bring my lunch with me. Since my work hours will be 10 to 6, I'll not only escape the worst of the traffic, but I can have a leisurely morning, getting up around 7 or even 7:30 am and not leaving the house til 8:45 am.

    So I'll definitely have a full breakfast before I leave the house.

  3. PNW Mom Says:

    That's great about your freelance clients! Smile

  4. starfishy Says:

    enjoy your last day of freedom! Smile

  5. Wino Says:

    Good luck at the new job! I see things like this as an adventure. Others feel stress where I tend to feel exhilaration. I guess it's the anticipation of what's around the corner that keeps me moving forward.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope your first day goes really well!

  7. My English Castle Says:

    Best of luck as you go back! Did you happen to see the recent articles in the NYT about coffee breaks and how valuable the social aspects of work are? Very interesting stuff.

  8. PatientSaver Says:

    I always feel a little nervous, but i like your attitude, Wino and will try to bring a little bit of that sense of adventure with me as I acclimate to the new job!

  9. PatientSaver Says:

    Thanks for mentioning that article, My English Castle. I checked it out now. I fondly remember the ping pong table at my last f/t employer's. We would often play,and not just at lunchtime!

  10. CB in the City Says:

    Best of luck on your first day! I always enjoy the "honeymoon" period at work -- those first few days when you're just getting your toes wet.

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